From This to This!

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Aah.  Windows are open.  Fresh air is wafting through the house.  I love it.

Not so long ago, noses and toes(es) would have frozen solid with windows open: if you could open them at all.  Some of ours can freeze shut in the midst of the bitter cold winter.

Now leaves,are, thankfully, appearing on the trees, while birds are busily building nests.  Some are already caring for their young (they  obviously had an early start).

Looking through photographs – of which I have hundreds – I gladly enjoy sharing what I see from my window today, with what I saw just a matter of weeks ago.

Look at the pics and guess which one I prefer to see outside my window.

If you chose the pic on the right.  Right!

What’s your favourite view from your window?



Making a Difference

IMG_4202 IMG_4204

We spent the long weekend working in the garden.

My husband built a rustic trellis around a small bench, on the lawn.  Me?  I tidied the flower beds and dug up dandelions – as well as I could.

The sunshine was most welcome.  It enabled us time to sit and enjoy the quiet and the fresh air.

It’s the time of year I visualize what I’d like to see in the garden.  Which flowers to grow.  Which colors to choose.

I always grow tomatoes.  Last year I even ventured growing beans, and as we don’t have a large veggie growing area,  I experimented.  I planted seeds in a large pot and placed it close to a tree,  to provide support.  It actually worked very well.  We picked a plentiful number of beans for daily consumption.  Not enough to freeze though.

So, back to now.  Yesterday I purchased tomato plants.  Beefsteaks and Sweet 100’s are regulars in our garden.  This year I added Yellow Pear – just for something completely different (touch of Monty Python).  They should make a nice contrast in salads, if nothing else.

Herbs I always grow.  Not a large number.   This year I planted rosemary and thyme.  They are most often used in my culinary efforts.  We already have chives growing too (who doesn’t?), so with parsley we should be able to add freshly grown favorites to the kitchen herb collection too.

Back to Jim’s trellis.  He completed it.  Now we have to determine which plants will grow best.  The area tends to become wet, so choices are limited.  However, I know we’ll adorn the trellis amply.  The objective, after all, is to have color and beauty in the garden for the few short months that we enjoy during our short Canadian summer.

My plan today is to plan what I’ll do next.  I love being outdoors.  Love gardening, although I am limited in what I can do with my weakened wrist.  Nevertheless, whatever I do will be worthwhile, and will make a difference.

How will you make a difference  today?



Cloak of Invisibility

Have you ever wished you could become invisible?  You know what I mean?

You whip out your cloak of invisibility when something is about to happen, that you don’t really want to participate in.  You put it on and voila – you disappear.

Perhaps volunteers are being picked for a job that is outside of your comfort zone.  Maybe a speaker is needed for a front-of-the-class discussion.  Get the picture?

I would put on my cloak of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ whenever my husband is doing ANY kind of odd job around the house, and there’s only the two of us here.

Today the invention my other half elected to work on, was to build a trellis in the garden.  He’d worked on it for hours without help, then – silly me, I very kindly took him a cup of tea and what do I hear?  “Oh, I need your help soon.  Don’t go far.”


Serves me right for appearing before him.  I know, from past experience, that as soon as he sees me he needs my assistance in some capacity.  I’ll be put to work either holding or fetching.  Sigh!

Guess, I shouldn’t complain too loudly.  Whenever he does decide on any project, the end result is always beautiful.

So, away with you cloak of escape…………until next time.
















Good (Spring) Morning


Morning is here again.  Thank you, Lord.

I have my wake-up juice (coffee) beside me, and am looking out to the garden.

I love the quiet of a new day dawning.  The birds are singing (some cheeping).  They all sound wonderful, after the frigid cold months of winter silence.

I just spotted a young rabbit.  The only reason I saw it was because it moved.  It cannot be larger than my hand.  How cute.  It might not be as cute when it begins chomping on my plants, as the adult rabbits do; but I would rather enjoy its presence than not see new life at all.

Thankfully, the garden flowers are waking up, after their long winter rest.  Primroses; bluebells; and snowdrops are all in bloom, with many more strutting their stuff, with fresh green outfits.

Springtime is my favorite season of the year.  It brings with it new life and anticipation of the better (weather) days ahead.  The fall, I agree, is beautiful with colors gracing our countryside and gardens, but it is always a precursor to winter – and that never appeals to me.

Give me spring, with temperatures climbing.  Trees and plants awaking.  Flowers blooming.  New life viewing the world around it for the first time, and everything new again.

I am also thinking of those held captive, wherever they might be.  I pray they are freed to the welcoming arms of loved ones – soon.

Which is your favorite season?

Enjoy your day!



Purposeful Design – Book Review

Purposeful Design written by Jay Schabacker, is a book to grace any coffee table.
Scientists and those with intensely analytical minds, typically favor evolution over creationism. It just makes more sense to them. They argue against an unseen God having constructed all that we see around and above us.

It is only on deeper study of the order in which all things work together, that doubts set in and explanations are sought.

Jay Schabacker was an engineer with the Apollo Moon program. After many calculations and comparisons, he reached the conclusion that there has got to be somebody in control of this universe, of which we are a part. Nothing would work the way it does, if all things progressed individually and chaotically.

He no longer dismisses God. In fact, he admits to a profound love for God, and for this wonderful world in which we live, and shares his thoughts willingly.

He has a greater understanding of the universe, now that he applies the creationism rule.

After intense scrutiny of investigative material and by examining charts of the universe and works of other scientists he developed and published this beautiful book. It will not only be a lovely addition to your coffee table, but will very likely, answer your own questions with it’s ‘what if’ segments.

Definitely an easy book to look at, and to understand.

I received a free copy of this book, from the publisher through Bookcrash, in exchange for an honest review.