Quite a Storm


Yesterday, a vicious storm ripped through our neighbourhood.  The rain was torrential. The sky almost black.  The wind sounded as if a giant breathed and groaned as it passed by.

I have experienced being caught in tornado and I likened the power, and the noise to that.

We lost power.  Thank goodness for candles.  Talk was of a tornado, then a possible down blast.  I did see a black cloud speeding through the sky beyond the houses across from us. There was no rotation but it carried a rushing, moaning with it.  Then the wind hit, and the rain fell…..torrents of it.

Later, the sun managed to appear for a brief time and the leaves looked spectacular against the darkened sky. (see above)

We still had no power.  We warmed our supper on the barbecue.  Lit candles and waited for the resumption of hydro.

Thankfully, we sustained no damage to property or self and my hope is that neighbours and friends were granted the same.






Successful Efforts

The recent show and sale at the Sandy Cove park was a great success.

The crowds kept coming, and sales were brisk.  Some items sold faster than others, but I feel sure all the vendors  had moved product by the end of the morning.

It is always fun to watch people approaching a display.  Most will avoid eye contact, as if looking into the eyes of a vendor demands that you make a purchase. Of course that is the reason we do what we do, but it is also fun to talk to new people, and discuss why we do what we do, etc.etc.

Still others walk down the middle of the aisle, seemingly ready to run if you approach them in any way.  Many refused the offer to enter a draw for a free book.  It would be their choice from the selection of books on our table.  Really?  Refuse a free book!!!  However, many were adventurous and took a chance.  We calculated eighty-five entries from our small gathering.

My friend, Brenda Wood and I, shared a table and offered our books, handcrafted photo greeting cards, and framed pictures of landscapes, skyscapes and fall colors and more.

We enjoyed ourselves, but welcomed when the show was over. It is tiring to stand for hours.  Yes, we could sit but it is hardly polite to have conversations while sitting.  I, personally, prefer to be at eye-level.

However, we were thankful for a successful showing and for an opportunity to share our creations.

Have yourself a wonderful day, I know I will.


Can You Write a Good Review?


Readers Favorites, located in Kentucky, U.S. will pay for good reviews on a variety of book genres.

Check their website.  Apply to be a reviewer.  Once accepted, you can choose from a wide variety of books, read them, then write a review.  It’s that easy.

Anyone can apply.  If, and when you are enrolled by Readers Favorites you can begin reading and reviewing

Full details at:     http://readersfavorites.com

Good luck.

  • Patricia



Amazing Sale

There will be an amazing craft and gift show / sale here on Saturday.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

8:30 am – 1 pm

The Wheel, Sandy Cove Acres South Park, Lockhart Road, Innisfil – watch for signs

Every year you can find beautiful gift ideas; preserves; books; greeting cards; framed pictures; home and garden decorations and much, much more.

DSC00080TABITHAimage_thumb5 (2)DSC00005.JPG




I love the colours of the fall season.

It is what comes next that I am not keen to experience.

Snow, ice and cold are not welcome in my world.

However, I can do nothing much about it so have to accept winter too.

The region of central Ontario is spectacular in the fall.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Stay safe!