The Song

The Robin

 1 Thessalonians 2:19 (CEV)

19After all, when the Lord Jesus appears, who else but you will give us hope and joy and be like a glorious crown for us?

Morning light is just visible but the robins are way ahead of it; their song is already erupting into the skies and into my ears.  Oh, what absolute joy their ‘voices’ bring to my heart.  I open my windows in order to hear them more clearly – I do not want to miss any of their exuberant song.

Such a small thing really but I always anticipate with longing and great expectation, the sounds of the birds in spring.  The cacophony of song from returning birds is a ‘tonic’ to my winter-weary being.

Try to imagine, if you will, the joy to be experienced after the ‘sleep of death’, when our eyes and ears are once again awakened and we will look upon the sight of Jesus and hear His voice! 

Isaiah 32:3 (CEV)

3Then everyone who has eyes

   will open them and see,

   and those who have ears

   will pay attention.

It will be a feeling greater than any emotion we have ever felt before.  It will be a sight more beautiful than we can imagine, and Jesus’ voice will be more melodious than any we hear on earth.  The beauty of Jesus and the sound of His voice is to be anticipated with hope and of joy that even a robins’ song cannot match.

 Prayer:  Father, we are so thankful for Your creations, their beauty elevates our spirit.   We live for the hope of spending eternity basking in the beauty of Your heavenly home and Your presence.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 Patricia Day

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Because You Can

A smile or an encouraging word for someone struggling, or for a passerby can help to make their day brighter!

Do it ‘because you can!’

Patricia Day
Author of A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story