Where are the Bees?


We are hearing more and more these days about the affect of chemicals on bees.  Logically, it makes sense that anything that is not natural (ie: chemicals) is harmful, not only to bees and other wildlife but to humans too.  How else can Alzheimer disease, cancer, ADHD and other present day scourges on our bodies and brains be explained away?

There are chemical additives in prepared foods and drinks as well as, prescribed medicines. Chemicals are sprayed upon the crops we eat and given to the animals reared for meat too.

We cannot completely escape the insidious presence of these poisonous substances, but we can all do our part in attempting to reduce them by growing our own, or by buying from reputable farmers who stand by tried and true natural methods of agriculture.

Corporate giants are forcing farmers to buy their treated seed and please do not tell me that this does not harm our bodies.

Recently, we heard from news reports that even the flowering plants we can buy from garden nurseries (or grocery and box store garden centers) are guilty of containing the neonicintinoid insecticide.  We seemingly, cannot avoid harming the creatures that assist in pollinating our crops, flowers and trees.

My garden is filled with flowers that I grow from seed.  I purchase the seeds from reputable suppliers of organic and heirloom products.  Eventually, I harvest the seeds that my plants produce and I share them with friends and family, thereby spreading the idea of healthier gardens.

Here are some links you might be interested in.             http://www.cottagegardener.com

http://www.terraedibles.ca           http://www.hawthornfarm.ca          http://www.incredibleseeds.ca

Buying from organic sources you will be using seeds that are uncontaminated, and you can rest assured that you are not harming, but are inviting insects in to a safe landscape.

If we each do a little, it will make a big impact on our environment.  How about you?  Do you support healthier gardens and produce? Have you seen honey bees or Monarch butterflies this year?  Sadly, I have not!

Tall French Marigolds

Tall French Marigolds




All in Clover



I am ‘all in clover’.  An old English adage meaning to be thoroughly content.

The word clover has to be taken relatively.  To say you are ‘in clover’ is to say that you are content with your lot.

Looking out of my sun-room windows this morning, I saw a tiny rabbit – not much more than five inches in length – happily munching on a patch of clover.  ‘Aah’ I thought, ‘how sweet.  Aren’t you in clover’?.

We have a healthy population of rabbits around here.  I am not always enamored by their presence as they treat my flower beds like the best local smorgasbord, but this little creature captured my heart.IMG_4586

Gotta get a picture was my first thought, so I grabbed my camera and quietly made my way outdoors.  The rabbit was quite unperturbed by my presence.  I managed to get within a couple of feet of it.  The clover meal was obviously a better distraction than escaping from me.  Albeit, we have met before.  It visits me when I am sitting out on the patio: even then it is not too afraid, so I suppose it knows I am not a threat.  IMG_4588

I got the pictures, as you can see, and left my little friend happily chomping.  It was definitely ‘all in clover.’

How about you?  I do hope that today you can say that too.




Thankful – Day Three

Hello Again



I got really busy yesterday and did not post my third day of things I am thankful for: so here goes.  I just finished having lunch, sitting in my garden and realized I was delinquent in my commitment to share.

I am thankful for friends, old and new.  Part of yesterday, I spent time with a bunch of truly amazing ladies from my church.  We call ourselves the Creative Connection (some call us the Crafty Connection).  We share skills, or teach newcomers how to knit, crochet, sew, quilt plus any new idea that can be added.

I am knitting Barbie clothes for my grand-daughter’s dolls.  Tiny, yes, but quickly and easily completed.  I want to learn to crochet and begin sewing once more.  I have neglected so many crafts but am now being inspired to bring them back out into the light of day.  IMG_4465IMG_4467





I am thankful for the opportunity and the energy to come alongside a dear friend dealing with the recent death of her husband.  Her grief tears my heart, but if I can help her in any small ways, I feel that I am supporting her.

I am thankful for our church and the people we call our church family.  They support; help; care; love and encourage all, from the very young to the very old.  I am blessed by having everyone of them in my life.

So, now I have completed my three days of sharing three things I am thankful for, I nominate:  Marie France Lacasse, Patty Kemmers-Geddes and Shannon Curran to share three things – for three days – for which they are grateful.

You can do it!IMG_4354


Thankful for………………..

Summer 20120045

Day two of expressing thanks for blessings in my life.


I am thankful for my husband, and his wonderful works around our home.

I am thankful for my family; without them I could be very lonely.

I am thankful for wonderful, caring friends who continually encourage and delight me.

Additionally, I am LOVING this weather.  Yes, I know it’s hot – but, hey, it’s summer, and as I am a Canadian winter HATER, I revel in this sunshine and the high temperatures.

Bring it on!


Happy July 1st


HAPPY CANADA DAY to you all.

Day One of three of being thankful!

Let’s hope the rain stays away, so all can enjoy the firework parties planned around the country.

Let us all be thankful for our country, and pray that our leaders will always make wise decisions.

Let us be immensely thankful, for our veterans, who have given so much, in order for this country to maintain the quality of life that we have.

Let us allow God to reign supreme once more, and bring respect, consideration, and integrity back into our schools and places of work.

Thank you God for the peace and freedom we are blessed with in Canada.