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The little grey squirrel ran through my garden toting a large peanut shell in its mouth.  Inside lay the morsel that the creature had diligently sought.  It had hunted for a while but found what it wanted.  It had achieved its goal.  Food.  An essential, needed to guarantee life.

“Seek and you shall find” the Bible states.  (Matthew 7:7) NIV

Of course, the search that we are directed to make, in this instance, is meant to be for God.  The giver of spiritual life.  Squirrels on the other hand, have a dogged determination to never give up on their own particular goal: To find food, no matter how long it takes.

Sin in our lives can be equally determined. We encounter addictions; wants; temptations and more, ignoring the fact that these seek to destroy rather than to nourish.

Nevertheless, a common denominator is persistence.  Sin will find a weak mind or spirit and possess it.  Whereas the food sought by God’s critter nourishes.

We often cannot tell the difference until it is too late.

We need the mastery, and determination of God’s creatures.  They must achieve their goal.  They must win at all costs – or die.

We too must choose to win, because if we give up and give in to sin, we will die.  Oh, not necessarily physically, but definitely morally and spiritually.

We must remember that sin does not seek to nourish.  Its goal and purpose is to destroy.

What goals do you have today?  I do hope they are uplifting and nourishing, and not destructive.

Philippians 3:14 (NIV)   I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


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Book for Children:  Tabitha and The Forbidden Forest

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Hidden in the Shadows, Never Give Up!



Softcover Print Version  $10 Cdn. plus shipping

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