Book Review – Why God Allows Us to Suffer, written by Kevin Tewes

If you ever question why there is pain in the world, this book is a must-read.

Kevin Tewes skilfully, and methodically, takes you, the reader on a journey into your personal faith and beliefs, and introduces some new concepts, explaining that we cannot simply justify evil by glibly saying that people have the freedom of choice. There is a broader, more challenging reasoning, in that God had, and has, choices to make too. Humans are sinful creatures despite being created by a loving God. He created us in His own image, and equipped us to love as He loves. The fall from grace changed everything in that the world became bereft of the idyllic unconditional love of God, and took on a supremely selfish persona.

Kevin Tewes’ theory outlined in this excellent book, that is one part philosophical, and one part emotional, asks us which is better, a life that is fair, or a world filled with love?

I found the first half of this book a tough read.  Many times, I came close to giving up as Kevin meticulously elaborates his theories.  However, unless you do this ground work the second half of the book will lack significance.  The book forced me to think more deeply about God and His purposes; and how faith and love can and will, work together to create harmony in a broken world if we will just trust, and change.

Patricia E Day


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