I Won’t Do That Again


This morning, I needed to shop for groceries.  I was in a hurry.

I decided to go to Zehrs as they had some specials on items on my list.

Managed to find all that I wanted and arrived at the checkouts only to find no cashiers on duty.  I had to use those self-scan aisles.  I rarely use them, much preferring to enjoy the service of a cashier.

Item after item would not scan.  That dratted ‘woman’ kept telling me to remove the item from my bag’ or ‘please place the item in the bag,’ then she had the nerve to tell me I needed assistance.

My quick shop was turning into a lesson on how to scan correctly.  Needless to say, I was not amused.  My five minute shopping trip was already thirty minutes long.

Becoming increasingly frustrated, I asked for help.  ‘I’ll never do this again’ I complained.  I don’t have time for this.

I found out that there are no cashiers on duty until 8:30 am.  I’d arrived promptly at 8 am thinking it would be a quick in and out trip.

NOW I know that, I will not be an early shopper there again.

I did keep my cool, I am pleased to say.  After all, I should have known how to scan my groceries, pack them and then pay for no service.

Yikes – did I just say that?  🙂








A New Venture


Greetings cards showcasing my personal collection of photographs.

Each card comes with a specific message, or one of your choice.

Choose from:

Blank interior

Thinking of You

Happy Birthday

Get Well Soon

……. more to come……


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Snow Days


Well, after an unusually mild fall and late 2015; not to mention a very ‘warm’ Christmas and New Year, winter has found us – with vengeance.

I can understand the snow-lovers wanting lots of it for their winter sports and fun, but folks this is ridiculous! We had approximately eight inches of snow a few days ago, plus another foot or so last night.

Yes, it’s pretty to look at if you are snug as a bug indoors (which fortunately, I can choose to be until tomorrow), but for those who have to go out for work in this white bombardment it is anything but fun.

Children, nevertheless, are delighting in another snow day.  Parents not so much, if they work and need to scramble to find safe places for their children during the day.

I loved this fluffy, white blanket when my sons were young.  We have many memories of tobogganing and skating in the great cold outdoors.  Frozen noses and eyelashes thawed as we sat in a warm car drinking hot chocolate.  Not comfortable, but definitely comforting.

My sons are grown with children of their own, and I know they still enjoy hours of outdoor fun.  Well, they and all the numerous snow lovers now have it in abundance so they can participate in whatever form of fun they choose, while its here.  Soon enough, we’ll see or hear the first robins.  YES!  🙂






Review for God, Please Rewire My Madfats

Product Details

God, Please Rewire My Madfats (How to Change Your Life) by James Bars, & co-author Blake Bars, will seem inadequate in describing the contents of this book.  Why?  Because within its pages lies a wealth of information, as well as valuable advice that if adhered to can not only change hearts, it will surely change lives too.

James Bars is a Human Behavior Consultant and Christian Counselor.  His directives deliver a plethora of issues that I feel most of us can identify with.  Then, he suggests how we can overcome and resolve them, with God’s divine help and by our own hard work and discipline.  A step-by-step guide if you will.

There are links to helpful websites and practice pages to assist us in a day-by-day effort to overcome whatever our challenges might be. His very direct approach and down to earth explanations make one feel he is sitting in the same room explaining how to make the necessary adjustments to our motives, desires, feelings, actions, and thoughts.

It is a book to satisfy lay persons as well as academics, and all in between.

I found it to be a valuable personality, behavioral, spiritual growth guide, written in a format that most will understand, and process.

I found his exercises on self-examination very revealing, and I definitely want to follow all the steps to redirect my own MadFats.

God, Please Rewire My Madfats is a very worthwhile read, and I am eager to experience the change that the daily written exercises will bring.

Highly recommended for those wishing to change their thinking.