Christ is Risen!


Celebrate Christ Jesus who died so that we could truly live!



Recovering and Loving It!


The sun is shining and the temperature is finally above freezing.  Could it be that spring has decided to come and stay a while?

I love this time of year.  The birds are arriving back from their southerly excursions, and the snow is slowly losing its hold on the ground.IMG_3802

We can see the lawn, even the patio is making an appearance.  It’s so good to see both again.

Our garden chairs vanished months ago, draped in white.   Now, I can see them clearly, and even though the ground is sopping wet – I don’t mind at all.  It is a precursor of better, warmer days ahead, and like many other winter-weary folk, I am happy to breathe air that does not freeze my nose.

I am regaining the use of my right hand, after slipping on ice and breaking my wrist.  It seems to have taken an age to at last report that physiotherapy is having a positive affect.  Having broken both the ulna and radius, my wrist has been immobile for quite a few weeks.  Now, I must work to regain the strength in my wrist and hand: but it feels good to be free of casts and braces and have use of the right side of my body to function in all ways.  I’m feeling more balanced!  It certainly makes me appreciate my new-found freedom.