The Second Listening Book – Review

Contemplative.  Thought-provoking.   Inspirational.  Funny.  All these, and more, could describe the contents of The Second Listening Book written by James Webb, Pastor, Missionary, and Story-teller.

The book contains a selection of short stories, each written to open the mind and heart to a world different to any we have known.

With titles such as; Be Careful What You Wish For; The Woman Who Couldn’t Keep a Secret; The Parable of the Boy Who Ran With Scissors and The Unexpected Guest, you cannot fail to be entranced by James Webb’s skilful writing, and his incredible imagination.

With more than two dozen tales to broaden your horizons, I am quite certain there will be at least one nugget within the pages that will make you sit up and take notice, or have you laughing unreservedly at the wit, and sometimes, absurd critters that James Webb calls into action.

This is a fun, informative and mind-opening publication, guaranteed to be a favorite with all age groups.

I found the book a very easy, comfortable read.  While entertaining the mind, on occasion it also caused me to rethink similar circumstances in my life, from a different perspective.

A very pleasant book with which to stop, sit and just enjoy.

Recommended for all.

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Today, we should remember the sacrifices of thousands of brave men and women who were involved in the battles of D-Day.

D-Day!  The turning point of the Second World War.  The day that  saw the beginning of the end of a horrendous battle against evil.

Let us remember and quietly thank them for all they did for us.

God allows D-Day in our lives every day.  We, too, can turn from wrong behaviors and evil, choosing instead, to allow Him to show us His way of inner peace.

So on this sixth day of June, decide who, or what, you will serve.  Make all that you do count.

Life could have been so very different decades ago, had our veterans not given their all for freedom.  Life can also be changed in ways you cannot imagine when you elect to follow God.

Make this your D-Day.  Change the course of your life, by choosing to allow a loving God to take control of your life.


Whether you fought in the Second World War or in subsequent battles around this troubled world, we – the ordinary folk say ‘THANK YOU.