Sharing Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving.

Fall colors are taking over more and more.  Golden hues are rapidly replacing green.DSC01291

The temperature is a balmy twenty degrees today; what an awesome blessing.  It is very welcome.  In staying so warm, the colder days are reduced (in the long run).  I can handle that.

My hope is that you are spending time with loved ones this weekend, and that you all share in expressing thanks for what life is showing you. DSC01290

I am thankful for family, friends and good neighbours.  I am also thankful for my sound mind and strong body.  The latter is not as strong as I would like, but I am in better shape than a lot of folk; for that I am thankful.  I can see, smell, taste, touch and hear well; for these I am thankful.

I am sure you can add many blessings to those above.  My hope is that your weekend is all that you hope it will be.








Misty Fall morning


Silence reigns.  There is not even a whisper of a breeze.  The only movement I detect is falling leaves.

Every day for the last little while the leaves have steadily succumbed to the lack of nutrients and have given up; plunging from the heights of the host tree, and falling to the ground below.

To begin, it was a slow process.  Now the leaves cover the green lawn with a brown overcoat.  It looks sad.  It also looks pretty.  It also means we have cleanup to do.  The leaves were only cleared yesterday.  🙂

I am not a lover of fall, because of what comes next.  Winter holds no joy for me.  I dislike the cold – intensely.  I do have to admit to loving the colors of fall.  The spectacular array of golds, oranges and reds displayed are breath-takingly beautiful.

This morning, the day was grey and misty.  No bird songs, only squirrels searching for a tasty treat, or hastily hiding one in my flower beds and lawn.

The vista before me was of a misty wonderland.  Then the sun began to break through and the landscape changed again, all the while maintaining utter silence.

I love a quiet, contemplative start to my morning.  It is my ‘God-time.’

My hope for you is that your day started well; quietly and in an orderly fashion and continues that way.




21 Ways to Forgive (Review)

21 Ways to Forgive written by Wes Daughenbaugh

This powerful little book illustrates with down-to-earth explanations, why it is critical to forgive.

We can flippantly say ‘forgive and forget’ when someone, or something has upset us.  Forgetting a wrong against us is difficult.  We are prone to remember.  The hardest thing to do can be to forgive, but Wes Daughenbaugh  gives very simple, practical ways in which we can overcome the burden of being unforgiving.

His book will show you how to forgive and, therefore,  release yourself from living with a victim mentality.

He skilfully, but gently explains the consequences  of holding onto a grudge; when we refuse to let go of the angst and anguish that others have caused us.

The Christian angle is that we need to forgive others as God has done with us.  In our human-ness this is easier said than done.

I highly recommend this excellent book.

Wes walks the reader through the sadness, bitterness, and anger that living in a unforgiving state brings.

We are remaining captive to the devil’s wiles if we remain in the state of being the victim.  He suggests that we look on the wrong-doer as being the victim, because he or she is being controlled by evil, and cannot see beyond that state.

We, as Christians, are called to be kind to others, and by so doing we really can quell the power of the vicious and corrupt traits of the reprehensible behavior of others.

I thank Mr Daughenbaugh, and BookCrash for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Well worth the read.