Review – Heaven’s Great Hope

Heaven’s Great Hope, written by Dr. Victor Morgan, TH.D. is a comprehensive collection of Bible passages to inspire, guide and help give strength and hope to every individual seeking solace in this crazy world.

Dr. Victor Morgan directs us to pay attention to worldly events, but not become defeated by them.  There is more to consider than terrorism, abuses, wars and the frailties of human need.

We need to stop, reflect, and seek spiritual peace above all else.  We obtain this by leaning on the power of God’s guidance; found only in the Bible.

If we can concentrate on His words, and be less focused on the earthly events that are unfolding, we can be assured of inner serenity and strength.

I would have liked more of Dr. Morgan’s own thoughts among the myriad of Bible passages to study, and take to heart.  Nevertheless, it is a profound how-to book for anyone feeling overwhelmed by worldly happenings.  Definitely food for the soul:  Infinitely a pathway to hope.

If you question what true hope is: How it is obtained, and why we need hope then this book can, and will open those doors for you.

If you struggle with the destruction reported around the world and the lack of respect shown to others and the sickening decline of morality and ethics that are in abundance these days, I believe you can find answers through the pages of Heaven’s Great Hope.

I have received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

The book can be purchased on the following Amazon link.




How Did Isaiah Know?

Isaiah 40:22

How did Isaiah know that the earth is round?

Humans – for centuries, thought it was flat, yet here is an Old Testament  bible passage informing us that God looks down upon the circle of the earth.

The Message refers to it as a round ball.

How could anyone, in Old Testament times, know that the earth was round?

Very interesting.


Cold and Snowy

Today has dawned cold, blustery and (just a little) snowy.  I guess our wonderful mild late fall days have retreated for a few months.

So many people have already set up Christmas decorations outside their homes.  We have a neighbour taking great delight in adding to his display of 2015.

I begin to get into Christmas mode once December arrives.  All the (retail) hype, which begins in October, bores me.  It negates the relevance of what Christmas is about.

Like it or not folks, Christmas is all about the story of Christ.  A little baby boy’s story that has given us a reason for great joy each December.

When I was a child, it was a magical time.  As a family we made all the decorations for our home. My mother made Christmas puddings and fruit cake, which to this day causes my mouth to water as I recall how delicious they were.

I don’t make puddings but I do make a fruit and nut Christmas cake.  It is a recipe from Quebec that has become a firm favourite with my family.  It is our traditional must-bake. It has a long list of ingredients, but is very easy to make, and is really yummy.

I recently IMG_5877found a really neat website with good, old-fashioned ideas for Christmas.  Check it out for yourself.  It might even bring back some happy memories for you.


Remember Them

Today, November 11, 2016, Remembrance Day, is a beautiful bright sunny day.  It is a day when the darkness of war can seem surreal. Yet it is very much a part of the lives of many.

Young lives are cut short by the horrors of wartime.

Now they are but a memory.

They are not forgotten by their loved ones.

They live on in their hearts and minds.

This short video is very emotional.  Leonard Cohen recites the poem “In Flanders Fields.” Watching the pictures from WW1 evokes strong feelings of sadness.  Lives lost.  Lives wasted.  Dreams gone.  Families torn apart.

On this eleventh day, on the eleventh hour, stop what you are doing and remember each man and woman who bravely, and willingly served for the sake of peace.

How futile war is, when so many innocent people die.

No matter the reasons or the cause, if you can look out your windows and see the sunshine; listen to the leaves rustle on the trees and on the ground, live in a country where freedom is enjoyed – REMEMBER THEM.  This is why they fought, and will continue to fight.  So every person on this earth can enjoy peace.


Mild and Beautiful

It is November and we are still enjoying mild weather.

This is such a bonus.  There have been many years when snow has already blanketed the landscape, and has stayed until spring.  These mild temperatures are a real treat.

Looking out the window, a mist hugsthe trees in the garden.  It looks almost fragile in its tranquil beauty.

dsc00242dsc00243The leaves might be dropping.  The colours fading, but there is still a great deal of joy to be derived from the magnificent canvas God presents us with each day.  Take the time to enjoy it.  It won’t be long before it is a white blanket once again.

Have a good, safe day.