March 4 – 10, 2018

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Seek and You Will Find

An osprey often glides over and across the green space behind my home.  It is seeking food.  It knows it will find an abundance of critters available for its next meal.  A plethora of choice actually.  Squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and birds all frequent my back garden.

Oft times I watch the prey creatures going about their business below the hunter and wonder why the osprey is not attacking.  It obviously knows what is good for its own well-being.  It is choosing carefully.

I pondered this and asked myself if I was equally diligent in my choices.  Equally discerning when taking into account my own well-being.

Am I always drawn to what will be good for me?

I think I am, yet in my imperfection I reason that there are times when I lack wisdom.  Knowing and seeking calls for discernment.  So – I pray each day for God’s intervention in my life; that I will follow His guidance because I need help every day.

Just as the magnificent osprey carefully determines what the next move is, I pray that my next action proves to be beneficial to not only me,  but also to those around me.

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.  (NKJV)

What do you need help with today?




Books by Patricia Day

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 A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story 

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Book for Children:  Tabitha and The Forbidden Forest

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Blog:         https://patriciaeday.wordpress.com


Hidden in the Shadows, Never Give Up

E-book     https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/708253




Choose to Change


Psalm 121:2  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  (NKJV Nelson Study Bible)

Dark dismal days can depress me.  You might feel the same way.  I need sunshine.  When the sun shines my spirits and energy are revitalized.  Without the sunshine I feel lethargic and morbid.  It takes work to motivate and mobilize myself.

Years ago, I was not a committed believer and so when troubles hit (which they often did with vengeance) I would become so battle-weary that I could have easily ended my miserable existence.  Fortunately I had two very good reasons to not be so weak, or selfish.  My two sons.  They made my life worthwhile.

Then I chose to invite God into my life.  Times were so challenging that I felt it could not make my life any worse, so why not?

Psalm 121:7-8  The Lord shall preserve you from all evil.  He shall preserve your soul.  The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.  (NKJV Nelson Study Bible)

In deciding to take this step, my life was changed.  Not suddenly, but certainly steadily.  I began respecting myself.  I began to like the difference.  Change is hard: it is definitely easier to stay where you are and in situations that you are familiar with.  You know how to react, so even staying in bad environments becomes your comfort zone despite the danger.

………she wondered how differently she would feel the next day.  Would she sense any change in her heart or her situation?  She awoke with great expectation and felt…….well, just the same really.  But wait, she did feel different.  There was complete peace amid all the adversity.  No bells or whistles, no great clamor of celebration, instead she felt loved and warm, and filled with a sense of peace.  Invincible would be a more accurate determination!  She no longer felt alone.  (Taken from my book A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story).

And so, on what is a grey, overcast day I will work at keeping myself gainfully occupied and be thankful for who is in my life; what I have in my life and for God’s guidance keeping me on track with His biblical disciplines.

Can I invite you to try the same?

Thoughts to ponder (Ideas taken from Lists to Live By for Simple Living, Multnomah Publishers, Oregon)

  • complain less; give (of your time) more
  • Control less; let go more
  • Criticize less; compliment more

Prayer:  Abba Father, I thank You for all that You have done for me.  I thank You for my family, friends and good neighbours.  I thank you for a country of peace and natural beauty.  Most of all, I thank You for Jesus, who gave so much so that I could be more.

I pray that more people will invite You into their hearts, minds and spirits today and that they will begin to understand the difference that you can make.  IMG_2850


Merry Christmas – Read on…….


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Thank you to all who have supported my efforts in the past.

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Christmas as you celebrate Jesus’ birthday.


All That Glitters by Lisa J. Flickinger – Review

All That Glitters by Lisa Flickinger is a compelling read.

The story is set in the Klondike gold rush days, when riches were being sought by many adventurers and dreamers alike.

Sisters, Vivian and Ginny Connor – two of the main characters are as different as chalk and cheese.  Raised in a stable, loving home Ginny is headstrong and wilful; seeking self-satisfaction in all things.  Vivian, in stark contrast, wants nothing more than a stable family life for her loved ones and herself.

When Ginny suddenly leaves home with Logan Harris to seek fame and fortune, her family is understandably devastated.  The man she left with has a questionable character, but Ginny refused to accept that he was anything else but the man of her dreams.

Vivian undertakes to bring her sister home, rightfully fearing for her safety and wellbeing.

I loved this book.  The characters are colorful and authentic, and Lisa’s research takes the reader on a dangerous journey through one of history’s crazy, gold-greedy times.

If you love a good romance which includes love triangles; drama; family rifts and misplaced trusts – this is definitely a book you should read.  It is one to curl up with any time and you will likely find it difficult to put down.

Highly recommended.  A thoroughly engrossing read.  http://www.amazon.com/review/R29RGIJQZZUIKD

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers, on the understanding I would post an honest review.

Changing Vista

Just a passing thought………

This year seems to have passed so quickly.  Does anyone else feel that way?

Spring and summer have been and gone in the blink of an eye, and now, we are experiencing snowfalls and squalls.

I am not a lover of the Canadian winter weather.  Ice and snow, I do not consider a Pat-friendly combination.  The reason for this is that I have been a recipient of broken bones due to icy pavements.

However, the beautiful vistas around me, and above me, are always a delight, despite the weather.


In springtime I love watching the snow melt; birds returning and new greenery appearing.

The summertime is lush; green and colorful with trees and flowers in bloom wherever my eyes rest.  Border (1)



The skies and cloud formations also take on different characteristics with the changing air masses and humidity, icy blasts or sultry southern airflows.  I can become hooked on watching the skies.  My computer contains hundreds of photographs – all of which are unique.


Now though, I look outside on this cold blustery day and see only bare branches, empty flower beds, and frozen water on the birdbaths.  Sigh!

I find it hard to acclimatize to cold temperatures.  I am obviously living in the wrong earth zone, because cold is what Canada dishes out at this time of year.

Truth is that I do love the country, and it’s freedom and peace and magnificent natural spaces.  We live in a quiet neighbourhood; have great neighbours too.

While the vistas change with the weather and the seasons, I accept that my (attitudinal) vistas must do the same.

God’s beauty is all around us to enjoy – if we take the time to stop and do that.

Hope you can manage to do just that.

Meantime, take care and watch your step out in the frigid conditions of this land.  Not long before spring returns!








Sharing Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving.

Fall colors are taking over more and more.  Golden hues are rapidly replacing green.DSC01291

The temperature is a balmy twenty degrees today; what an awesome blessing.  It is very welcome.  In staying so warm, the colder days are reduced (in the long run).  I can handle that.

My hope is that you are spending time with loved ones this weekend, and that you all share in expressing thanks for what life is showing you. DSC01290

I am thankful for family, friends and good neighbours.  I am also thankful for my sound mind and strong body.  The latter is not as strong as I would like, but I am in better shape than a lot of folk; for that I am thankful.  I can see, smell, taste, touch and hear well; for these I am thankful.

I am sure you can add many blessings to those above.  My hope is that your weekend is all that you hope it will be.







Misty Fall morning


Silence reigns.  There is not even a whisper of a breeze.  The only movement I detect is falling leaves.

Every day for the last little while the leaves have steadily succumbed to the lack of nutrients and have given up; plunging from the heights of the host tree, and falling to the ground below.

To begin, it was a slow process.  Now the leaves cover the green lawn with a brown overcoat.  It looks sad.  It also looks pretty.  It also means we have cleanup to do.  The leaves were only cleared yesterday.  🙂

I am not a lover of fall, because of what comes next.  Winter holds no joy for me.  I dislike the cold – intensely.  I do have to admit to loving the colors of fall.  The spectacular array of golds, oranges and reds displayed are breath-takingly beautiful.

This morning, the day was grey and misty.  No bird songs, only squirrels searching for a tasty treat, or hastily hiding one in my flower beds and lawn.

The vista before me was of a misty wonderland.  Then the sun began to break through and the landscape changed again, all the while maintaining utter silence.

I love a quiet, contemplative start to my morning.  It is my ‘God-time.’

My hope for you is that your day started well; quietly and in an orderly fashion and continues that way.




21 Ways to Forgive (Review)

21 Ways to Forgive written by Wes Daughenbaugh

This powerful little book illustrates with down-to-earth explanations, why it is critical to forgive.

We can flippantly say ‘forgive and forget’ when someone, or something has upset us.  Forgetting a wrong against us is difficult.  We are prone to remember.  The hardest thing to do can be to forgive, but Wes Daughenbaugh  gives very simple, practical ways in which we can overcome the burden of being unforgiving.

His book will show you how to forgive and, therefore,  release yourself from living with a victim mentality.

He skilfully, but gently explains the consequences  of holding onto a grudge; when we refuse to let go of the angst and anguish that others have caused us.

The Christian angle is that we need to forgive others as God has done with us.  In our human-ness this is easier said than done.

I highly recommend this excellent book.

Wes walks the reader through the sadness, bitterness, and anger that living in a unforgiving state brings.

We are remaining captive to the devil’s wiles if we remain in the state of being the victim.  He suggests that we look on the wrong-doer as being the victim, because he or she is being controlled by evil, and cannot see beyond that state.

We, as Christians, are called to be kind to others, and by so doing we really can quell the power of the vicious and corrupt traits of the reprehensible behavior of others.

I thank Mr Daughenbaugh, and BookCrash for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Well worth the read.