Cloak of Invisibility

Have you ever wished you could become invisible?  You know what I mean?

You whip out your cloak of invisibility when something is about to happen, that you don’t really want to participate in.  You put it on and voila – you disappear.

Perhaps volunteers are being picked for a job that is outside of your comfort zone.  Maybe a speaker is needed for a front-of-the-class discussion.  Get the picture?

I would put on my cloak of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ whenever my husband is doing ANY kind of odd job around the house, and there’s only the two of us here.

Today the invention my other half elected to work on, was to build a trellis in the garden.  He’d worked on it for hours without help, then – silly me, I very kindly took him a cup of tea and what do I hear?  “Oh, I need your help soon.  Don’t go far.”


Serves me right for appearing before him.  I know, from past experience, that as soon as he sees me he needs my assistance in some capacity.  I’ll be put to work either holding or fetching.  Sigh!

Guess, I shouldn’t complain too loudly.  Whenever he does decide on any project, the end result is always beautiful.

So, away with you cloak of escape…………until next time.