Adriana’s Secrets by Cheryl Colwell – Book Review

Adriana’s Secrets by Cheryl Colwell, makes easy yet compelling reading.

Despite the major losses in her childhood, and other hardships throughout her life, Adriana refuses to become embittered. She doggedly, maintains her grace and gentle demeanor despite being bullied.

Naturally, she endures spiteful and controlling behavior at the hands of,  not only some of the men in her life, particularly Fabio, but also her own sister, Ladonna.   Their presence causes much consternation and fear.   Fabio’s brother Rico, becomes a constant kind heart that she can count on, therefore, it is a surprise when he marries another woman, and Adriana another man.

Along with her sister Ladonna, the girls are thrust into what can only be called a nightmare, where right from wrong, and true discernment is quickly learned, otherwise life and people will destroy them in an effort to retain massive wealth from opal mining.

How friends and neighbors, male and female, encourage or use them keeps you turning the pages, not wanting the tale to end.

Does good triumph?  Do they find their true destiny and the desires of their hearts?  That’s for me to know and you to find out for yourselves, by reading the book.

I had ample time to read this book, having been given a generous time-frame in which to do so, however, it took me just three days from start and finish.  Well worth reading.  Good characters and story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers and author, in exchange for an honest review.

Patricia Day


God’s Handiwork



Christmas has passed and New Year’s Eve is here.

I woke this morning to a spectacular sight. Sunrise was in progress, and everything was bathed in a warm, golden light. I could not resist taking photographs, despite having many beautiful shots already. God’s creative genius takes my breath away.

A friend of mine jokingly said ‘Oh. Pat, more trees?’ She could well have said, ‘Oh, Pat, not more sky photographs.’ To me each picture holds new information forged by my emotions at that moment in time . What evokes a sigh on one day can produce a gasp on another.

We (my husband and I) had a truly lovely Christmas. A family Christmas. We shared the company of each of our four children and their families. We were blessed with wonderful eats:gorgeous gifts, and most importantly, the sheer joy of being together for the celebration of Christ’s birthday. What better way is there than spending the time with family?

Now, as I peer out the window the sun is higher in the sky and the sunlight has become more silver than gold, but it is still beautiful.

My hope is that each person reading this will have an amazing New Year, and that 2015 will be the year that you remember as being a good turning-point in your life, when everything is bathed in gold.

Happy New Year, and God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.          IMG_5849

The Gentle Whisper of God

Conflict reigns around the world.

People are traumatized by brutality and loss.  I can comfort.

Hearts are broken, spirits shattered, hope gone.  I can uphold you.

Time to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Bringer of truth and peace.

Christmas Day is His birthday, and He welcomes your good wishes and your trust.  Our Saviour.

He will give you a sense of calm in your heart.  Messiah.

‘Jesus, You are the Way of truth and life.  King of Kings.  Healer and comforter.  Help us to know You: to trust You: to believe in You, and show us how to leave the stress and struggles behind, as we choose to enjoy Christmas the way You want us to.’

“For He himself is our Peace”  (Ephesians 2:14)