Power Pumpkin Muffins

If you like your muffins filled with fruit, nuts and spices; these are for you.

I found this recipe in a Reader’s Digest magazine; made them and absolutely loved them – Jim too. Now we’re hooked.

I experiment and add different fruits, coconut and a variety of nuts (personal preferences) and still find them mouth-wateringly delicious.

Give them a try for yourself. The ingredients list is long but the preparation is very easy.


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Almost There


The upgrading and repair work we have been doing around our home FOREVER, is almost done.

The patio was completed a few weeks ago.  Yesterday turf was laid in the bigger areas and seeding in the smaller patches.

My concern, after all that hard work, was keeping it moist.

I need not have worried for, as we were tidying tools away rain began to fall – and fall – and continued to fall, through the evening, overnight and today? – well, it is still falling.

So, thank you Lord, I think we’ve had enough water for now.  I am thankful I no longer have the task of watering the lawns.  My only concern now is that the grass seeds might be washed away!  lol

Nevertheless, we are delighted the project is (almost) complete.  We now look out onto green lawns and not onto a construction site.

Thanks to Jim’s hard work, and to family assistance, this project can now be scratched off the ‘Things to Do’ list.  AMEN!

p.s.  Once the rain stops, I’ll get pictures…………………………………………………….


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Refreshing Rain


Today, the sky is overcast and rain is lightly falling.  It is refreshing for the garden, after the hot dry spell.

I used to love to walk in the rain.  The air smells so good and quiet reigns; as most people prefer to stay indoors when rain falls.  Now, I am content to look out the window, watching as the water washes the colors to their original brilliance.  With the dust removed plants, trees and grass alike, can get on with the business of growing and changing.

Today, I also, read of a different growth.  One of spiritual growing through the Word of God.  I always believed that I had to physically travel to share Jesus.  If I was not doing that I felt I was being truly diligent.  However, writing to share it is equally beneficial.  It can still impact anyone needing spiritual support.

Alec Niemi, in today’s devotional from PCC Daily Devotional, explains that whatever method we use to issue our messages, the important verb is “sent”.   Now, instead of using our feet, we use our fingers. When I write an e-mail, it is in vain unless I hit “Send”. Texting, Skyping, or blogging also requires a final step: “Enter”.

The good news is news that has to be shared.  We are the “feet”, whether it’s delivered in person or by some other means. Our responsibility is to take it out there! (http://www.presbycan.org

In my small way, I am not only sharing my daily thoughts through my blog, I hope I am also sharing messages of hope to a thirsty soul.

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Brenda J. Wood, Author

Brenda has been a dear friend of mine for a few years.   She is also an acclaimed, published author.

Some of her books include:

The Pregnant Pause of Grief – a poignant, also witty look at how to handle grief.  Brenda knows firsthand.  She lost her lifetime love two years ago tomorrow.

The Big Red Chair – is a children’s look at grief.  The book contains beautiful illustrations.

Meeting Myself – Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind.  A must read if you, or someone you know, suffers from an eating disorder.

Check her website for more information.  www.heartfeltdevotionals.wordpress.com



Bad Timing

I am not always good at timing.  I plan a great hot meal for a day that turns out to be a scorcher.  I decide to mow the lawns and it either rains or, it is too humid to move.

Today, I decided I would use a carpet cleaner a friend loaned me to shampoo our floor coverings.  Wouldn’t you know it – today is one of the hottest days we have had for weeks.

I could have left the chore to another day, but my body will not always permit me to do the things I want to do, when I want to do them.  Arthritis limits my activities some days.  Today (thank you Lord) I awoke feeling better than expected, and so carpet cleaning was number one on my list of things to do.

The machine proved remarkably easy to use.  Some can be very heavy and cumbersome.  I began cleaning late this morning, and the carpets are now clean and dry.

It feels great to know the grime and dust has been removed.

Now I can rest, knowing I have eliminated all the bad and dirty stuff and what remains is good and clean.

How’s your timing today?  Have you improved something long neglected?  Is there a place in your life where you can clean up your act?

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Balm or Blame

Busy Bee

Monarda is a striking, brilliant red flower that reputedly attracts bees. I have no success in growing this plant, so have no firsthand experience of this myself.

I do, however, have magnificent French marigolds, that are doing an admiral job at being a source of pollen for bees. I am delighted to see them. There have been few sightings of bees in our area, and sadly no Monarchs have been spotted this year.

This is a sad reflection on the way we are treating our earth, and the effect it is having on wildlife.

So, I am truly thankful that my garden provides a welcome stopping place, because the bees not only delight my eyes, they are also a treat to the senses, as they buzz from flower to flower. Their droning is part of the backdrop of sounds on a summer day.

Intensive farming and the use of chemicals on the land and crops, is wreaking havoc among the pollinators. It is a travesty that the mighty dollar is proving more appealing than saving the lives of the creatures we depend on to pollinate our crops as well as flowers. Their gradual disappearance will cause untold hardships among farmers and consumers alike.

Perhaps when harvests fail for lack of pollination, governments will wake up and demand strict controls on chemically enhanced foodstuffs. I realize intensive farming is necessary to provide the foods needed for an ever-increasing population, but killing off the lifeforms that help bring our crops to fruition, will not only harm our shopping and eating habits but, also, very definitely the farmers who rely on us to buy their harvests. ie: no genetically modified foods, nor meats from the concentration camps corporations call farms. There can surely be a healthy and viable compromise before it is too late?

So, while I can, I’m going to enjoy the bees, busily visiting my garden, and I’m delighted that my marigolds are proving to be a magnet to them. Too bad, the Monarchs haven’t survived their journey, to be an additional balm for the senses.

Debunk the Junk

Psalm 51:10  –  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  (NKJV)

Whenever I check my emails, I see numerous messages of indeterminate nature in the Junk Box!  It doesn’t matter how often I ‘Sweep’ them away or ‘Block’ them, there are still more to replace them the next time I look.  Even the titles of some of these messages make my skin ‘crawl’ and I wish I could completely block them from coming into my ‘box’ – but it is already set on the highest screening available and it is obviously inadequate to deal with the influx of ‘mindless garbage’ that still manages to filter through.

Junk mail reminds me of sin.  It is insidious and ever-flowing.  It respects no boundaries and can be difficult to eliminate from our lives.  It manifests itself in words, actions, deceptions and distractions of all kinds and seeps into our lives, despite our meager efforts to block it.

The best and most effective way to clean it up is to call upon God – give it to Him and trust Him for all we’re worth. When we receive Jesus into our lives, He gives us His Holy Spirit, who then equips us for the life-long battle of discerning good from bad and right from wrong. Often in ways that we would not have recognized or been willing to utilize before that. God’s intervention is the only way to totally clean up our lives. Giving control of everything to Him on a daily basis causes our words, thoughts, and actions to change – they are cleaned up and made acceptable. The junk will not vanish from our lives but we’ll become better equipped and wiser in our efforts to recognize it and seek God’s forgiveness and power to change will become natural to us.

 Isaiah 1:16-17   “Wash yourselves”, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes.  Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice. Rebuke the oppressor.  (NKJV)

In other words, stop doing wrong, however insignificant it might seem!  God sees and knows all our rights and wrongs – and as always, right is right and wrong is always wrong!

 Prayer:  Father, there are so many lurid distractions around us.  So many people spend their lives sending out obnoxious or irrelevant messages, attempting to trap innocent and naïve minds. Help us to be guided in Your Ways by Your Word.  Each time sin ‘pops up’, let us be able to block it from our lives, keeping our minds, bodies and spirits pure and unpolluted from the refuse and gossip of the internet and the world!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Patricia Day

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