Book Review for ‘Here’ by Jennifer Ball


The book ‘Here’ written by Jennifer Ball draws you into the young lives of Joshua and Abigail, as well as those of their friends and families.

Both live life to the fullest, but Joshua’s choices leave Abigail shocked at times.  He loves and lives wildly, whereas Abigail respects herself and others.

As the story progresses you become familiar with their inner thinking; and you might momentarily baulk at some of the activities Joshua feels are acceptable.  Women are to be used and discarded.  He follows in his father’s footsteps with this mentality until one day a seed is planted which changes his life forever.

Abigail, meantime, happily grows into young adulthood with her values and morals intact.  Her family always maintained healthy lifestyles, and she benefits from this solid stable upbringing.

Follow them in this somewhat enigmatic story, and watch what happens as they are each led along different pathways, only to discover God’s sense of humor really has no bounds, as He ensures their lives intertwine.

Joshua and Abigail’s personalities and social activities are poles apart but it takes just one change to bring order into Joshua’s life.  He never looks back.

The writing still needs some major editing, but it is an intriguing look into the youth of today, and, you will  get swept up into the tale, in spite of this.

I found myself looking to correct the text as I read; this did not distract me from the content, but it would read more smoothly with corrections applied.  Good effort, Jennifer.

I was given this book free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.



On a beautiful sunny morning, my mind slipped into questioning God’s love.

If He truly loves us why do so many people suffer?

Why do we still hear, see and experience all these traumas when Jesus supposedly freed us of the worldly stuff?

Of course, I could not answer these troubling questions.  I was not sure I even wanted to hear answers.

I was too intent on judging God.

Then I opened my Bible as I do each morning.  The first passage I was directed to read, “I will praise the Lord no matter what happens.  I will constantly speak of His glories and grace.”  (Psalm 34:1)

The words stopped my questioning and doubts immediately.  It was almost as if God entered my sunroom, was standing beside me saying those words.  Yikes.

No matter what happened I am to honor Him.  I do not understand why innocent people have to suffer so outrageously; I do know I should not doubt God’s love, provision and will for us.

Do you?

Prayer:  Lord thank you for the blue sky, comfortable temperature; the lush greenery around too.  Thank you for shelter, food and clothing: for safety and freedom.

These are all gifts and provision from You.  Please forgive my interrogation of Your intentions.

Psalm 34:17  Yes, the Lord hears the good man when he calls to Him for help, and saves him out of all his troubles.  (TLT –  The Way)



Loss. It is such a small word yet implies an event of great emotional pain.

This week I heard of a mother losing her son.  He was in his fifties and his death unexpected.  I cannot imagine the pain she is experiencing.  As an outsider all I can do is share some my time with her; show her that I care in small ways – a card or a meal, Realistically, there is nothing I can do for her that will ease the dreadful inner anguish she is having to endure, but the emotional support might alleviate it – momentarily.

A new friend recently shared with me that her husband is dying.  Just like that.  I knew he was very sick.  I did not know anything beyond that, and did not intrude upon her grief.

They deal with the news by keeping close; staying busy and having fun.  She prepares numerous small meals from scratch each day and every day.  She also works.  She looks tired.  Needless to say – she is tired.  She wishes the illness (cancer) would go away and leave them alone, but knows it is too far advanced; their time together limited by its intrusion into their lives.

She stoically deals with everything in the only way she can: because she has to.

I feel helpless.  There is nothing I can do to change the pain she is dealing with; nothing I can give or do that will help him. So I stand on the sideline and help as I can. I spend time with her.  Email encouragement to her.  Anything to let her know she is not alone in this relentless battle.

Another friend recently lost her mother.  She deals with her grief quietly – alone.  I pray she is letting God help her – moment by moment.

Are you struggling with loss?  It is not easy.  Friends support you as they can and that is reassuring.  It can lift your spirit for a brief time.  It cannot take away the dreadful agony inside.

Leaning upon God will, help – if you allow Him into your heart.   I pray that you call out to Him and let His peace fill you, if only for a short while.  Every little bit helps.