But What Can I Do?

When tragedies and struggles ‘hit’ other people, have you heard yourself saying (or thinking) the words, ‘But, what can I do?’  Maybe you jump right in: perhaps you sit on the sidelines.

I have, especially when I’ve had ‘stuff’ going on in my own life or family.  We tend to retreat into our own world of hurt or need, thinking only of ourselves.  After all, we have to survive.

Being in my senior years, I’ve experienced many times of need, and almost as many times I have received amazing gifts from some pretty awesome people.  Because they heeded an inner sense to help.  I have been humbled by the generosity of others, as well as, by the givers.

So, where am I going with this?  I have learned that to give to others is just as awesome as receiving.  You are rewarded with a smile; thanks; surprise.  It makes you feel good inside.

Friends of ours are going through some major stuff, and in speaking to a family member, she outlined simple ways that people have helped them.

a) money for parking costs at the hospital

b) gas money for the numerous medical, or visiting trips

c) light reading to relieve the boredom

d) light meals for the family at home

e) an offer to drive them to hospital and/or give them a ride home

Small things to consider as we go about our daily routines.

In the Bible – Deuteronomy 24 reminds us to care enough about others that we gladly assist them in their times of need.  The fatherless.  Orphans. Widows, as well as, those we do not know intimately – strangers (our neighbors, extended family and associates too. 

In fact, the world would be a better place if we cared as much about others, as we do about ourselves.

Me?  I bake or cook.  So – when I can I share the results.  I figure that when you are sick, needy or you’ve spent a day at hospital, to have a small snack ready to enjoy on your return home is a real treat.

So, question for you.  What can you do for somebody else today?   Are you willing to share the blessings you receive?










Creative Mood

IMG_2684 IMG_2686

Unable to work in my garden, I decided I’d be creative in the kitchen.

So, three quiche, one apple pie, one chicken pie and two dozen cupcakes plus a cabbage and onion side dish later  – –  think I’ve accomplished that.  Time to redirect my thinking and determine what I get up to next.

Hope your day is going well and that you are accomplishing more than you’d imagined you would, or could, too.  🙂




Apple Crisp

This is a really delicious recipe.


4 Large Apples – peeled and cut

Place into an ovenproof or foil dish.  Mix crisp topping.

Mixture for Topping:

1 1/2 cups Flour

1 cup Oatmeal (fast cooking variety.  I used 4 minute Quaker)

1 cup Margarine or Butter – melted.

1/2 tspn Salt

1 tspn Cinnamon

Brown Sugar – to taste

Mix dry ingredients together.  Add melted butter/margarine and mix with fork.

Place oatmeal mix on the top of the apples.  Place in a hot oven (375 degrees) and cook until topping is set.  It will crisp up as it cools.  This takes about 40 minutes.

My thanks to my step-daughter, Michelle, for this yummy recipe.


Potato Soup


3 – 4 large potatoes, peeled and chopped

1 onion, chopped

1  carrot, chopped

3 – 4 cups 2% milk

Salt & pepper to taste

6-8 slices crisp cooked Bacon, crumbled

Parsley for garnish


1.  Cook the vegetables in a small amount of the milk (covered) until tender.

2. Add: the remainder of the milk, salt & pepper.  Mash or blend to desired consistency.

3. Add bacon.  Simmer – do not boil.

4. When ready to serve sprinkle with parsley.

I added two further cups of milk to mine, together with a tablespoon of corn starch.  The result was more soup and thicker consistency.  Either way is delicious.

Note:  I improvised from another recipe.  The original recipe called for evaporated milk, also dill weed (neither of which appeal to me).

You could also add some shredded cheese, when serving – even Parmesan cheese adds a good additional flavor.