I thought how well I was doing, as my day began.  I was spending lunchtime with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I wrote her card and wrapped the gift.  Doing gooooooooooooood…….

I had read Bible passages.  Investigated some passages and content referred to in my friend, Brenda Wood’s latest book – God, Gluttony and You – a biblical study on eating disorders (ISBN 978-1-895026-33-7), which I am reviewing: prepared blueberries to make a sauce: checked emails and FB too.

I had answered the telephone a number of times and enjoyed my coffee in between.  OH – I’m way ahead of the game, I smugly thought.  Then I walked back into the kitchen to discover the blueberries boiling – all over my stove top!  I am shamed to say that I cannot repeat what I said.  So, the cleanup began.

My husband called to ask me to make a bank transfer.  The time is ticking away and I still need to shower and dress for my lunch date.  NOW, I am NOT ahead of the game.  Time is ticking and I have kitchen duties to complete.

How about you?  Is your day progressing satisfactorily?

Mine?  Well, it will improve – once I get my attitude straightened out – showered – dressed – etc……etc……..

No matter what, enjoy this beautiful sunny, warm, dry day.

God’s blessings to you and yours,



Awesome God

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My husband and I, have a pretty heavy decision to make and not wanting to make an error in our choice, have prayed about it.

We are in our senior years and cannot afford to choose unwisely, therefore we need all the help we can get in making up our minds.

You do not need to know the details.  It is enough that God knows.

Each morning I spend time reading from my Bible, along with a devotional book (Our Daily Bread).  Today the message was entitled ‘Be Near.’  It suggested to readers that when troubles, fears or decisions encumber our lives and thoughts, we pray about it.  Well, I had and I know my husband had too.

I read the devotional for the day and then opened my Bible at the suggested passages to accompany the message, and read, ‘I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.’

I take it as an answer to my prayers.  It felt as if God was saying ‘I have heard you.’

It has lifted the heaviness in my heart and I rest easier with an assurance beyond this earthly world.

How our plans will pan out is beyond me, but I have a sense of peace about the outcome, believing that God is in control.

How awesome is that?

What a comfort.