Book Review for HYMNS OF THE HEART by Adam Faughn

Hymns of the Heart written by Adam Faughn is a detailed, comprehensive analysis of  the most beautiful songs in the Bible –  the Psalms.

I have always connected easily the Psalms, finding it easy to identify with the struggles and joys contained within each. Their relevance to everyday situations is, for me, a source of comfort.

One can pretty much guarantee finding many moments to relate to while reading God’s responses, or not – as the case might be.  The Psalms are collections of real stories about  real people and situations. It is why Adam’s book will be a  blessing to anyone wanting to understand better, the words of these beautiful songs.

Reading Adam’s book I was somewhat overwhelmed by his long explanations, but his intrinsic love of these delightful poems is apparent.

I am not an academic, whereas Adam clearly is.  His book, packed full of accounts of those by-gone times, could have lost me among his long interpretations, but my love of the Psalms will always keep my attention as I choose to learn more about them.

The book covers thirty-five of the Psalms, with conclusions at the close of each chapter.

One of the questions raised is, “Are you close to God?”  I asked myself that same question.

Do I choose Him in destitute times; downcast times; disturbing or directionless times?  No, not always. Do you?

I found the book long, nevertheless absorbing.  I have favorites among the Psalms and I found some of them within the pages of Adam’s book, otherwise I might have been tempted to stop reading – and that would have been my loss.

Well written and I certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of what the Psalms are all about.

I  received a free copy of this book from publisher, BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.