The Gifts


Last week ended with the sky suddenly darkened by rain clouds.  A tornado warning was issued and we were advised to take all necessary precautions to stay safe, and to protect our property.  Heavy rain began to fall, almost in sheets and dreadful winds blew, causing trees around us to sway dangerously.  Thankfully, the storm ended some time later and despite damage being reported to property, we stayed safe.

The next day the sun returned and brightened our spirits.  My husband and decided to visit a nearby ice cream parlor, where we treated ourselves to a cone.  On finishing these, we returned  to buy a treat for our neighbors.  We wanted to surprise them.  It worked.

A few days later, we were blessed with a surprise.  A quite unexpected gift that truly brightened our day.

I like to think that God blessed us, because we had blessed others.  I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe that God won’t be outdone, and when we behave kindly, we ourselves receive more than we gave.

The gift we received was greater in value than the price of the ice cream portions, we gave our neighbors.  What a wonderful blessing.

Be safe.  Be kind.  Be thankful.    Image




HOT, that’s the weather here, in central Ontario, today.

The weather is HOT – HUMID – and great…….but not if you have to work in it.

The temperature with the humidity factored in, is forty-three degrees! That’s summer in Ontario.

I might get weary more quickly when working in the garden, but I CAN work in the garden, which is more than I can do in the Ontario winters.

So I am content to swelter. I’m loving it.

Stay cool. Keep hydrated. Enjoy.


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Don’t You Just Love Children?


I love the way that children are not challenged by computers and television gizmos . Their ability to master the techy stuff, comes naturally to them. Not so, to me.

Friends of mine find the gadgets today more than they can handle. Laughingly, they say “Oh, we’ll ask Haydn, he’ll know what to do”. So they do – and he does. Haydn is four years old!

Have a great day everyone. Enjoy this beautiful weather.



I am finding keeping a consistent blog challenging.  

I want it to look professional, and relevant, otherwise why would it attract followers?  If there is nothing worth reading, then folk will go elsewhere.

It is not that I have nothing to say.  It is more about me not being techy.  I find the setting up frustrating and so, allow distractions to take over.

Please persevere – I WILL get it right.  I’m just not sure how or when.  It will definitely be sooner, rather than later.