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Just posting a message to explain my lack of activity, as far as my blog is concerned.  I have broken my right wrist – I am right-handed too, so find typing very awkward.  So, taking this into consideration, I am taking a break from posting on my blog, as well as twitter and linkedin.

But, I’ll be back on a more regular basis, as soon as I am able.

My thanks to all of you, who have sent messages.  I appreciate every one of you – and them.


A Time to Reflect


Thanksgiving.  A time to reflect on all that is important in our lives.

Family.  Friends.  Good neighbors.  Church family.

Safety.  Shelter.  Peace.

Food and drink.

Food, Clothing and Shelter.

Good health.  Good Sleep.  Comfort from pain.

Each year I count the blessings in my life and am so-oh thankful for all that I have.

What could you add to the list above?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone