The Gentle Whisper of God

Conflict reigns around the world.

People are traumatized by brutality and loss.  I can comfort.

Hearts are broken, spirits shattered, hope gone.  I can uphold you.

Time to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Bringer of truth and peace.

Christmas Day is His birthday, and He welcomes your good wishes and your trust.  Our Saviour.

He will give you a sense of calm in your heart.  Messiah.

‘Jesus, You are the Way of truth and life.  King of Kings.  Healer and comforter.  Help us to know You: to trust You: to believe in You, and show us how to leave the stress and struggles behind, as we choose to enjoy Christmas the way You want us to.’

“For He himself is our Peace”  (Ephesians 2:14)