Happy July 1st


HAPPY CANADA DAY to you all.

Day One of three of being thankful!

Let’s hope the rain stays away, so all can enjoy the firework parties planned around the country.

Let us all be thankful for our country, and pray that our leaders will always make wise decisions.

Let us be immensely thankful, for our veterans, who have given so much, in order for this country to maintain the quality of life that we have.

Let us allow God to reign supreme once more, and bring respect, consideration, and integrity back into our schools and places of work.

Thank you God for the peace and freedom we are blessed with in Canada.





From This to This!

IMG_3460 IMG_4222

Aah.  Windows are open.  Fresh air is wafting through the house.  I love it.

Not so long ago, noses and toes(es) would have frozen solid with windows open: if you could open them at all.  Some of ours can freeze shut in the midst of the bitter cold winter.

Now leaves,are, thankfully, appearing on the trees, while birds are busily building nests.  Some are already caring for their young (they  obviously had an early start).

Looking through photographs – of which I have hundreds – I gladly enjoy sharing what I see from my window today, with what I saw just a matter of weeks ago.

Look at the pics and guess which one I prefer to see outside my window.

If you chose the pic on the right.  Right!

What’s your favourite view from your window?