Take Me With You


Aaah, it’s that time of year again.  You know, time to escape the predictably cold Canadian winter.

The fortunate few are busy preparing to travel to much warmer climes, leaving  the rest of us to experience, and deal with, whatever Mother Nature brings us.

You might get the gist of this post.   You might not.  What I am sharing is a thorough dislike of cold arctic air – snow and ice.

Looking out of my window across the green parkland, I see neighbours preparing to desert us.  Each year they equip their coach-sized RV, ready to spend the winter months in Arizona.  Do I envy them. Yes, to be perfectly honest; but I also wish them safe travel and happy reunions with the friends they meet there.

When my sons were much younger, I enjoyed the Canadian winter weather.  Tobogganing and skating; warm hats and mitts,  waterproof pants and boots, and hot drinks from a Thermos, guaranteed to melt the ice around your mouth: these were the order of our weekend days.  Those times are now happy memories, and I see my grandchildren enjoying the winter weather in much the same way.  Me?  I prefer a quieter time after breaking bones, slipping on the ice.

If you are off to tropical places, please consider posting pictures and sentiments; this way those of us in the frozen North can envision being there too.

Before my neighbours depart I will repeat my annual plea, “take me with you,’ which causes laughter for them, but inside I am perfectly serious.  If they would.  If I could.  What a time we could all have. Meantime, I must be content, and I am, but once Fall is over I cringe, until I see the first spring bulbs catalogue in the mail.  It gives me what I need to get me through the cold months, to anticipate Spring and the rebirth of God’s beautiful creations.  IMG_0026


Smile. Today It Feels Like Spring



The sky is blue, and fluffy white clouds are floating across the sky.  You could be fooled into thinking it is warm outside, but it is not.  The temperature started out at zero degrees; rising to plus six (above freezing), and it really feels as if spring is here.  

It officially arrives in eleven days; then, thankfully, the frigid cold and the snow will finally begin to disappear.  

Until then, I prefer to look skyward at the sun, the blue of the sky and cotton ball clouds, and ignore the snow still laying on the ground.


We have two to three feet around the house, so there is much melting to come.

Nevertheless, it is a joy to hear birds again.  

Let’s see who can be the first person to hear the red-winged blackbird, or a robin.

Spring is, almost, here.



From This to This!

IMG_3460 IMG_4222

Aah.  Windows are open.  Fresh air is wafting through the house.  I love it.

Not so long ago, noses and toes(es) would have frozen solid with windows open: if you could open them at all.  Some of ours can freeze shut in the midst of the bitter cold winter.

Now leaves,are, thankfully, appearing on the trees, while birds are busily building nests.  Some are already caring for their young (they  obviously had an early start).

Looking through photographs – of which I have hundreds – I gladly enjoy sharing what I see from my window today, with what I saw just a matter of weeks ago.

Look at the pics and guess which one I prefer to see outside my window.

If you chose the pic on the right.  Right!

What’s your favourite view from your window?


Another New Day


It is a bright, fresh and sunny morning. Birds are collecting nesting material, while others are singing themselves hoarse.

I love it. It truly feels as if spring is here.

I am starting a whole new blog. I will be publishing my book very soon and wanted a space dedicated to all things new.

I will be moving my posts from http://pattersmatters.wordpress.com and http://pepeprays.wordpress.com to this site eventually; but as with my books, it will take time.

Meanwhile, enjoy this perfectly beautiful day, and stay tuned for more.

God bless you.