Smile. Today It Feels Like Spring



The sky is blue, and fluffy white clouds are floating across the sky.  You could be fooled into thinking it is warm outside, but it is not.  The temperature started out at zero degrees; rising to plus six (above freezing), and it really feels as if spring is here.  

It officially arrives in eleven days; then, thankfully, the frigid cold and the snow will finally begin to disappear.  

Until then, I prefer to look skyward at the sun, the blue of the sky and cotton ball clouds, and ignore the snow still laying on the ground.


We have two to three feet around the house, so there is much melting to come.

Nevertheless, it is a joy to hear birds again.  

Let’s see who can be the first person to hear the red-winged blackbird, or a robin.

Spring is, almost, here.