Four Letter Words


Four letter word.  The mere mention can conjure up one word that is complete profanity.  It is a word that I have always abhorred.  One of my uncles once described it as a word that is only used prolifically by uneducated people, because they cannot express themselves without its use.

Mm…..  well then, society, as a whole, must be lacking greatly, as it offends the ears, no matter where you are these days.

There’s another four letter word that can strike dismay into my heart.  A weather forecaster recently referred to it as winter precipitation: not wanting to mention it on camera.  Oh – you know – SNOW!  Ghastly, cold, winter ‘rain.’

I loved being outdoors in it, when my sons were young.  We would have immense fun finding hills to toboggan down.  We’d prepare a flask filled with hot drinks for all and off we would go, into the wild, white yonder. Our family had come from England and snow was a winter wonderland made to explore.

I’m not so enamored by it now.  It’s incredibly beautiful, yet treacherous.  Driving can be very difficult, walking well nigh impossible for some. I had the distinct misfortune of slipping on ice last winter; resulting in broken bones.  Now, I consider going out into white weather very carefully.  NOT that I’ve decided to become a recluse.  I’m quiet – not anti-social.  I do, however, choose to stay close to home if I can.  I find white winter weather is not harmonious to my psyche.

There’s another four letter word that can promote warmth and confidence within each of our hearts, if we choose to share it.  LOVE.  It’s God’s declaration and solution for establishing harmony among mankind.  So, while I look out my window and shake my head at the blanket of snow everywhere, I am more inclined to do the same at the state of humanity and the lack of love being shown around the world.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts our fear, because fear involves torment.  But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.  (NKJV)



Book Review of The Littlest Christmas Kitten

The Littlest Christmas Kitten written by Leona Novy Jackson and illustrated by Kelly Dupre is a delightful book for small children. It will engage them immediately, when they read of a mother cat’s desperate search for her smallest baby.
The cats all live in a stable with the other animals and have been happy until the tiniest kitten cannot be found.  Then they are sad.
As the story progresses, two humans arrive at the stable and this frightens the animals. Humans are not always kind to them. These humans, however, are different. The man and woman are very quiet and try not to disturb the animals. They are obviously tired. The lady rests and her husband takes care of her. Shortly after their arrival a baby boy is born. The man prepares to place him in a manger but finds a kitten sleeping there. In an instant mommy cat removes her littlest kitten. She happily lets the humans place their baby there instead.  She knows that he is special to them, just as her baby is to her.
The animals are very happy that their smallest family member is back again, and is safe.
The humans are content that they have somewhere warm to stay and to rest from the cold. Their precious little baby will make the world very happy when they hear about his arrival. Lots of people will want to come to see him.
This book will be an excellent introduction to the story of Jesus. I am confident that the story will be a favorite of little children everywhere, as it is an easy-read format that even young children will learn quickly.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash in exchange for an honest review. (Federal Trade Commission’s regulations).