I can do it!

I can do it!

Perseverance. Webster’s definition of this word is: carry on, persist, stand firm, endure and so on.

The bird feeders in our garden are magnets for, not only birds but also squirrels. I have tried all kinds of deterrents to keep them away. The most effective is to spray the pole, holding the feeders, with WD-40 or with dish detergent, then they lose their grip.

The larger black and grey critters cannot climb to the seed, due to their weight. It is hilarious to watch them keep trying. However, the much smaller red squirrel has no such challenge. It seems there is nothing that keeps this beautiful little creature from feasting on the bird seed.

Yesterday, I saw it sitting on top of the pole, happily chomping. Grabbing the dish detergent liquid container and paper towel, I went out determined to stop its’ raiding. It actually stayed put as I approached. Undeterred by my presence. I began to apply liquid to the pole and as it swayed the squirrel jumped off.

So-oh, did it work this time? The picture tells all. I took it shortly after my determined effort to keep it at bay. Obviously, it plans on going nowhere else!

I give it a 10 for perseverance. Me? Well, I think I’ll just continue to try to deter it (them), after all I don’t want to lose the battle. Methinks, though, I will lose the war. The little red beauty is far more accomplished at the game, but it will not stop me trying.

Persevere. Never give up. Choose to keep trying until you succeed.


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