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The little grey squirrel ran through my garden toting a large peanut shell in its mouth.  Inside lay the morsel that the creature had diligently sought.  It had hunted for a while but found what it wanted.  It had achieved its goal.  Food.  An essential, needed to guarantee life.

“Seek and you shall find” the Bible states.  (Matthew 7:7) NIV

Of course, the search that we are directed to make, in this instance, is meant to be for God.  The giver of spiritual life.  Squirrels on the other hand, have a dogged determination to never give up on their own particular goal: To find food, no matter how long it takes.

Sin in our lives can be equally determined. We encounter addictions; wants; temptations and more, ignoring the fact that these seek to destroy rather than to nourish.

Nevertheless, a common denominator is persistence.  Sin will find a weak mind or spirit and possess it.  Whereas the food sought by God’s critter nourishes.

We often cannot tell the difference until it is too late.

We need the mastery, and determination of God’s creatures.  They must achieve their goal.  They must win at all costs – or die.

We too must choose to win, because if we give up and give in to sin, we will die.  Oh, not necessarily physically, but definitely morally and spiritually.

We must remember that sin does not seek to nourish.  Its goal and purpose is to destroy.

What goals do you have today?  I do hope they are uplifting and nourishing, and not destructive.

Philippians 3:14 (NIV)   I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


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A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story   Softcover:  $15 Cdn. + shipping

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Children’s Book:  Tabitha and The Forbidden Forest


Softcover Printed Version:  $10 Cdn. plus shipping

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Hidden in the Shadows, Never Give Up!

Softcover Print Version  $10 Cdn. plus shipping

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Links to See / Purchase My Books

Author of:          A Stolen Childhood, Eleanor’s Story  BookCoverRiksEffort

Softcover:           $15 Cdn. + shipping by request from Author


TABITHA  Children’s Book:   Tabitha and The Forbidden Forest


Printed Version by Request from Author.  $10 + shipping.


Hidden in the Shadows, Never Give Up, will be available very soon.  The predicted publication date is now the end of March 2017.  The book will sell for $10 Cdn. for a softcover print copy.  Ebook available, on Amazon, soon after..


Don’t Despair

I was bewildered when I first caught sight of the ball of fire in the sky.

I hadn’t seen it for so long.

Then I realized it really was the sun.  My goodness, what a beautiful vision.  It didn’t last long: Just a few seconds, but it was enough to reassure me that it was still up there in the sky.

Weather news (Global TV) reported yesterday that typically by this time in January, we have received 71 hours of sunshine.  Sadly, this year the total is 12 hours.

No wonder moods are gloomy.

How’s your mood today?  Mine is infinitely brighter now that I have seen the sun.

Oh – I’d post a picture too, but the orb vanished behind the clouds before I could.  Sorry!


Review – Side Roads, Snares and Souls

Side Roads, Snares, and Souls: Deliverance in the Swamp, written by Bradley W. Antill, is an engaging collection of devotionals intermingled within short stories that capture the highs and lows of a forester working in the swamps and timberlands of the Atlantic Coastal plains.

He shares the snares and blessings of his work as a woodsman, and incorporates relevant Bible passages to each tale.  I found it a most acceptable method of sharing God’s words and wisdom.

Bradley gives his perspective on the very tangible presence of God through all our circumstances; the good and the not so good as he humbly shares his passionate reliance upon God’s strength and guidance to help him through each day.

I am certain that his easy writing style and ready humor will draw you in and hold you, as it did me. He has a definite gift, used eloquently within the pages of this publication.

I personally find it easier to relate to some Bible passages if the is a precursor in the form of a story or there is a narrative presenting a visual. In other words, a story picture.  Side Roads, Snares and Souls seems to have been blessed with all these helping the reader, no matter what their persuasion to obtain a clear understanding of the power of the Bible’s content.

I loved this collection and would readily recommend it, as well as gift the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.



dsc00657The ice storm that caused such havoc in the southern United States moved through Ontario this week.  Its remnants are with us still.  There is a gradual melt beginning but needless to say it leaves behind damage to many trees in its wake.

I noticed this bough lying on the ground yesterday.  It took as much ice as it could handle, but finally the weight was too much for it to bear and it broke away from the tree and crashed to the ground.  Now it will die.  Life for it is over.

When we are burdened by too much stress; too many responsibilities or decisions to make, we too can come crashing down, usually into a depression, even to burn-out.  We can no longer cope with the additional weight coming our way.  Finally, we give up.  We crash. Sadly, a few will die as a result.  The strain proves to be too much, and they have no other support around them. They give up.

When things get tough, the saying goes ‘the tough get going.’  Easier said than done.

The Bible gives us a good directive in Matthew 11:28 where Jesus tells us – ‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.‘  He promises us support even in our darkest moments, if we can only hang on to His words and trust Him.

When doubts and concerns overwhelm you, and you have no family or close friends to turn to, God is a very willing listener and will certainly sustain you if you will give your worries to Him and not let them smother and destroy you.

Hang on, when the going gets tough.  Find help through a good local church or organization, and please don’t sever yourself from community.

Life is worth living if you will trust in the words in God’s life manual.  The Bible.  It is a fundamental blueprint on how to live, and how to overcome obstacles.

Try it and see for yourself.  Don’t wait until you can’t handle life any longer.  There is always hope.


Find the Bible Passage In any Bible, but if you are unfamiliar with the book, look into The Message where it is in everyday language.  Easy to read.  The title is Matthew and the chapter 11.  Look down to paragraph 28 and you will find the above-mentioned passage.