Changing Vista

Just a passing thought………

This year seems to have passed so quickly.  Does anyone else feel that way?

Spring and summer have been and gone in the blink of an eye, and now, we are experiencing snowfalls and squalls.

I am not a lover of the Canadian winter weather.  Ice and snow, I do not consider a Pat-friendly combination.  The reason for this is that I have been a recipient of broken bones due to icy pavements.

However, the beautiful vistas around me, and above me, are always a delight, despite the weather.


In springtime I love watching the snow melt; birds returning and new greenery appearing.

The summertime is lush; green and colorful with trees and flowers in bloom wherever my eyes rest.  Border (1)



The skies and cloud formations also take on different characteristics with the changing air masses and humidity, icy blasts or sultry southern airflows.  I can become hooked on watching the skies.  My computer contains hundreds of photographs – all of which are unique.


Now though, I look outside on this cold blustery day and see only bare branches, empty flower beds, and frozen water on the birdbaths.  Sigh!

I find it hard to acclimatize to cold temperatures.  I am obviously living in the wrong earth zone, because cold is what Canada dishes out at this time of year.

Truth is that I do love the country, and it’s freedom and peace and magnificent natural spaces.  We live in a quiet neighbourhood; have great neighbours too.

While the vistas change with the weather and the seasons, I accept that my (attitudinal) vistas must do the same.

God’s beauty is all around us to enjoy – if we take the time to stop and do that.

Hope you can manage to do just that.

Meantime, take care and watch your step out in the frigid conditions of this land.  Not long before spring returns!









Sharing Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving.

Fall colors are taking over more and more.  Golden hues are rapidly replacing green.DSC01291

The temperature is a balmy twenty degrees today; what an awesome blessing.  It is very welcome.  In staying so warm, the colder days are reduced (in the long run).  I can handle that.

My hope is that you are spending time with loved ones this weekend, and that you all share in expressing thanks for what life is showing you. DSC01290

I am thankful for family, friends and good neighbours.  I am also thankful for my sound mind and strong body.  The latter is not as strong as I would like, but I am in better shape than a lot of folk; for that I am thankful.  I can see, smell, taste, touch and hear well; for these I am thankful.

I am sure you can add many blessings to those above.  My hope is that your weekend is all that you hope it will be.







Misty Fall morning


Silence reigns.  There is not even a whisper of a breeze.  The only movement I detect is falling leaves.

Every day for the last little while the leaves have steadily succumbed to the lack of nutrients and have given up; plunging from the heights of the host tree, and falling to the ground below.

To begin, it was a slow process.  Now the leaves cover the green lawn with a brown overcoat.  It looks sad.  It also looks pretty.  It also means we have cleanup to do.  The leaves were only cleared yesterday.  🙂

I am not a lover of fall, because of what comes next.  Winter holds no joy for me.  I dislike the cold – intensely.  I do have to admit to loving the colors of fall.  The spectacular array of golds, oranges and reds displayed are breath-takingly beautiful.

This morning, the day was grey and misty.  No bird songs, only squirrels searching for a tasty treat, or hastily hiding one in my flower beds and lawn.

The vista before me was of a misty wonderland.  Then the sun began to break through and the landscape changed again, all the while maintaining utter silence.

I love a quiet, contemplative start to my morning.  It is my ‘God-time.’

My hope for you is that your day started well; quietly and in an orderly fashion and continues that way.




21 Ways to Forgive (Review)

21 Ways to Forgive written by Wes Daughenbaugh

This powerful little book illustrates with down-to-earth explanations, why it is critical to forgive.

We can flippantly say ‘forgive and forget’ when someone, or something has upset us.  Forgetting a wrong against us is difficult.  We are prone to remember.  The hardest thing to do can be to forgive, but Wes Daughenbaugh  gives very simple, practical ways in which we can overcome the burden of being unforgiving.

His book will show you how to forgive and, therefore,  release yourself from living with a victim mentality.

He skilfully, but gently explains the consequences  of holding onto a grudge; when we refuse to let go of the angst and anguish that others have caused us.

The Christian angle is that we need to forgive others as God has done with us.  In our human-ness this is easier said than done.

I highly recommend this excellent book.

Wes walks the reader through the sadness, bitterness, and anger that living in a unforgiving state brings.

We are remaining captive to the devil’s wiles if we remain in the state of being the victim.  He suggests that we look on the wrong-doer as being the victim, because he or she is being controlled by evil, and cannot see beyond that state.

We, as Christians, are called to be kind to others, and by so doing we really can quell the power of the vicious and corrupt traits of the reprehensible behavior of others.

I thank Mr Daughenbaugh, and BookCrash for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Well worth the read.

Cauldron Day

Each year, as local produce becomes available, my thoughts turn to making preserves as gifts, and for my store cupboard.

My favourite recipe is for brown chutney (which I nostalgically call Pat’s Branston Pickle); I begin the tedious preparation journey.  Actually, it first has to begin in my head, then I have to harness the motivation to begin the meticulous step-by-step procedure.

Buy produce.  Collect jars.

Sterilize jars and lids.  DSC01184 - Copy

Measure and weigh. ingredients.

Peel. Chop.  Throw into pan (whoops-place into pan.  Takes a while to do all this).  Did I mention how long this takes to do?  🙂DSC01193 - Copy - Copy - Copy


Stir to incorporate even distribution of ingredients.

DSC01195 - Copy (2)

Take a deep sigh.  It’s a lot of work, but so worth it.

This year, I decided to photograph the stages.  Even if only to remind

myself of why I feel so tired after hours of peeling, chopping, cutting and mixing.

It causes me to feel that I am a magician creating concoctions in my cauldrons.  My saucepans to allow the sterilization and cooking processes are large.

I only use them for my annual chutney making and pickling sessions, and for soups come winter.

Being of small stature, I actually need to use a step stool in order to check out the contents of the larger pan.  Go on – go right ahead and laugh!!!!  🙂

Truth be told, despite the resulting pain (from arthritis) I experience from the peeling, chopping, preparation; the standing and stirring processes, I love the end product.  The chutney has multiple uses.  In sandwiches, with cheese, cold meats even as a side with salad.

As Christmas gifts, I assemble gift baskets for our children and include a sample of each of my ‘creations of the year.’   My hope is that they are enjoyed in whatever form they choose to use them.

My beautiful daughter-in-law, Lucy, told me once that she often adds one (or more) to her own creations for additional flavouring.  In fact, I occasionally do the same.

Whatever works – works for me, as long as my efforts are enjoyed.

Closer to Christmas, I begin another cauldron task.  I collect multiple ingredients for a favourite Christmas cake.  It is a firm favourite for us all.  I make only enough for the gift season.  The cake is costly and labour-intensive, but, again, so worth it.

Back to preserves!  My tomato and apple chutney is gently bubbling on the stove.  My eyes are feeling the affects of vinegar in the air, so stirring is now critical.  After all the work, I would hate to burn my efforts.

So, off I go to the kitchen.  Hoping for another successful bottling season.

Hope you all enjoy your day!







Thanks to Sharon

My thanks to Sharon Greer for this honest review of my book, Hidden in The Shadows, Never Give Up…..

HiddeninShadowsRIKFront cover (539x759)


Book review of Hidden in the Shadows Never Give Up

By Patricia E. Day

Submitted by Sharon Y Greer

The title of this book grabbed my attention because it immediately conveyed a sense of mystery which piqued my curiosity.

I found this to be an informative and interesting story dealing with the highly emotional, largely hidden topic of Wife Abuse and the sense of helplessness, guilt, shame, and fear that surrounds it.

The Prologue sets the stage for this theme and leads naturally into the first chapter which introduces the reader to the main character, Priscilla, as well as the background for the story.

As the story unfolds one sees other characters through the eyes of the writer and a sense of involvement in the issues begins to develop.

Many questions come to mind as one wonders what experiences could create the callous chilling attitude and actions displayed by the abuser, Adrian, toward someone he claimed to love and eventually married and raised a family with. The possible causes of such a mindset might have been explored in more depth to give the reader some of the warning signs that lead to the creation of an abuser.

We clearly see examples and ensuing results of the trauma experienced by Priscilla, but I am left wondering how none of these abusive actions was evident to her sons. It would seem their Mothers bloody lip caused by a blow from Adrian might have raised some questions. Also the sense of tension between their parents, and their father’s continual ‘put downs’ of their mother must have been noticed, especially by the older boy.

The story offers many helpful suggestions to assist women suffering through abusive situations. The power and Control wheel depicted at the end of the story supplies abused women with warning signs, and the chapter entitled “Be Prepared” clearly outlines information to victims of abuse who may feel too helpless to form a plan to escape their tormentor.

Well worth the read.


Check out Sharon’s website……………

Sharon Y Greer
An Angel Before Me
See You in the Morning
Whispers of Love

Rabbit Stew

Sitting outside, enjoying a warm evening, my husband and were entertained by the antics of rabbits in the garden.

Mother rabbit began bringing her tiny family (three babies) into our garden this past week.  Such adorable little bundles, they were hardly able to walk when we first saw them.


Last evening the mother rabbit came out again.  She was feeding not too far from where we sat; obviously not perturbed by our presence.

Suddenly, a flurry of movement revealed wee bundles beside her.  The babies began foraging in the flower bed, with mother watching closeby.

A young squirrel decided to join them, which irked the mother rabbit for a while.  She was very protective of her babies, and kept chasing the squirrel away.  It, however, was determined to stay.

One time, she actually swatted at it until it ran up a nearby tree; but it was not deterred. Mom was obviously in a ‘stew’ as the intruder would not leave.   Time passed.  They were in the garden for close to an hour.  Mom checking on her babies constantly.   DSC01111

To us, it appeared that the squirrel just wanted to play.  We weren’t sure how this episode would play out, having never witnessed this kind of behaviour before.

The squirrel would chase the babies, much to their protective mother’s consternation.  Eventually though, she seemed to accept that it meant no harm, and staying close she allowed it to interact with the bolder baby.

Quite an entertaining evening, and definitely a delightful end to our evening sit in the garden. DSC01116





REVIEW – Say Goodbye to Regret by Bob Santos

Regret:  grief or pain tinged with emotion; sorrow or disappointment.  (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary)

How often have you said ‘if only’ or ‘if I could go back and change that?’

Say Goodbye to Regret is an excellent book to guide you to a place of inner peace.

Regrets deprive us of joy.  Life events kick us down onto a different path in life and we lose our sense of direction.

When we suffer loss or rejection of any kind, we can be incapable of trusting others.  We hide behind our masks and think that because we are coping with life we are deceiving the people around us.  People who care deeply for, and about us; unwittingly keeping them at arms’ length.

We do not recognize the loneliness in our lives because we have chosen to stay in our safe zone. Until we learn to trust, we will continue to be fearful of anyone and everything new that we encounter.

Such phobia is a travesty; robbing us of a life filled with unconditional love and kindness.  God intends us to be trusting and loving, not afraid.

Bob Santos encapsulates these thoughts and many more in his book Say Goodbye to Regret.  I doubt any of us dream of being fearful and lonely, but regrets will keep us locked within our walls of self-protection, as we are not able to make wise choices.  We just don’t know that we are living that way.

Take a therapeutic walk through this easy read book to discover nuggets that could change your life for the better.

I recognized weak areas in my life and so am working on changing them.  It came as a surprise to me, but I am thankful for Bob’s writing on the subject of regret, because it brought some painful areas into the light – prayerfully.

Well worth reading, even if you don’t think have any regrets, this knowledge can equip any of us to help others.

Highly recommended self-help, inspirational guidance.

The publisher provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash, in exchange for an honest review.


Hung Out to Dry

Long ago, discipline on British sailing ships was harsh. Punishment could involve the lash, cat-o-nine-tails, even keel hauling. A victim was tied to a rope and pulled – invariably drawing him under the vessel. If he survived he was suspended from the yardarm, left hanging, or hung-out-to-dry for a predetermined length of time. Not a welcome fate. ( website)

Is this how you feel? Abandoned?  Dejected?  Worthless?

Watching the comings and goings of birds in my garden, I noticed two grackles battling with what appeared to be a twig.  They were having a tug of war with the object in their beaks.  Only when they relaxed for a moment and dropped the ‘twig’ did I realize it was alive:  It was a worm, that they were warring over.

As it fell from their beaks, it landed on a branch below them, wriggling but unable to propel itself back to safer ground.  It was literally hanging there, an upside down U, and in great danger.

As it hung there the grackles both moved in to regain their quarry.  The worm fell again.  This time it was out of my sight, but its fight for survival continued.  I fear it must have lost the battle.  It was either gobbled down the throat, or throats of the birds, or perhaps they gave up and left it hanging there; where it would slowly die, unable to return to the comfort of its home.

We can feel that way occasionally.  When day-to-day events leave us unable to cope.  We long for our comfort zone; long for relief.  Often there is none forthcoming.  We become helpless in the struggle to survive, whether it be relational, financial or work-related.  Just like the worm we can feel powerless.  We are hung-out-to-dry, with no energy or escape available to us.

If only we could have stayed in our familiar territory, we’d be much safer.  It is often too late when we realize our choices have compromised our moral, ethical, and personal standards.

That hapless worm had no hope of survival, but we do have another option. God.

There are many promises in the Bible to aid us in our daily lives.  Here are some reassurances to that might give you comfort, and strength to carry on.

Matthew 11:28  Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  (NKJV)

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit in me.  (NKJV)

If, at this point, God is not your thing, reach out to a trusted organization for help.  There are many resources available to you – but you have to ask.  That can be hard, because to a certain extent, you are admitting failure and we all like to think we know what is best for us.  Social services or a good church can be great places to seek (safe) help.

Don’t know a good church?  Visit different ones; attend Sunday services until you find one that you feel comfortable in.  Then you can reach out to the pastor and share your concerns, and benefit from their counsel.

Sharing your challenges with someone can be cathartic; can be a life-changer: A life saver.

Just Never Give Up!  You are more valuable than you think.


Death Defied, Life Defined – Review

Death Defied, Life Defined, A Miracle Man’s Memoir by Paul E. Perkins, is a compelling story of Paul’s constant battle against heart failure.

While waiting for a transplant, he shares the trials and tribulations of the accompanying health, and emotional issues involved.

What becomes paramount, when the waiting becomes too much, is the sheer determination to not give up.

Through surgery after surgery, relapse after relapse, he outlines the struggles he valiantly chose to not succumb to. His weary body came close to giving up the fight until the moments when he died.  These out-of-body experiences are described in detail, to the point of making the reader envious of the ‘journeys’ he travelled.  They give credence to other reports of heavenly visits, and of messages of hope that the recipients are charged with sharing on their return to the earthly realm.

He gives dramatic detail of medical teams, family and friends support, all so vital in providing him with the will to continue the painful, harrowing months of waiting for much-needed organ transplants that become his only option to death.

There is much in-depth detail in this story.  Paul gives greater power to his death experiences with the infinitely elaborate accounts of events leading up to each occurrence.  His obvious respect for the medical teams on whose care his very life depended is obvious. 

A book that cannot be ignored.  A story to make you think beyond your own limitations.  A tale of hope, and love, and the deep will to live.

I found it fascinating, captivating, exhausting, as I took on the weariness of his fight to survive.  His overwhelming determination to overcome provided me with much food for thought, and the out-of-body episodes enthralling – I could understand his yearning to just go.

His tremendous fighting spirit left me battle-weary, but hopeful of better things to come, proven as being credible, once again.

Well worth reading.