Misty Fall morning


Silence reigns.  There is not even a whisper of a breeze.  The only movement I detect is falling leaves.

Every day for the last little while the leaves have steadily succumbed to the lack of nutrients and have given up; plunging from the heights of the host tree, and falling to the ground below.

To begin, it was a slow process.  Now the leaves cover the green lawn with a brown overcoat.  It looks sad.  It also looks pretty.  It also means we have cleanup to do.  The leaves were only cleared yesterday.  🙂

I am not a lover of fall, because of what comes next.  Winter holds no joy for me.  I dislike the cold – intensely.  I do have to admit to loving the colors of fall.  The spectacular array of golds, oranges and reds displayed are breath-takingly beautiful.

This morning, the day was grey and misty.  No bird songs, only squirrels searching for a tasty treat, or hastily hiding one in my flower beds and lawn.

The vista before me was of a misty wonderland.  Then the sun began to break through and the landscape changed again, all the while maintaining utter silence.

I love a quiet, contemplative start to my morning.  It is my ‘God-time.’

My hope for you is that your day started well; quietly and in an orderly fashion and continues that way.