Review – Side Roads, Snares and Souls

Side Roads, Snares, and Souls: Deliverance in the Swamp, written by Bradley W. Antill, is an engaging collection of devotionals intermingled within short stories that capture the highs and lows of a forester working in the swamps and timberlands of the Atlantic Coastal plains.

He shares the snares and blessings of his work as a woodsman, and incorporates relevant Bible passages to each tale.  I found it a most acceptable method of sharing God’s words and wisdom.

Bradley gives his perspective on the very tangible presence of God through all our circumstances; the good and the not so good as he humbly shares his passionate reliance upon God’s strength and guidance to help him through each day.

I am certain that his easy writing style and ready humor will draw you in and hold you, as it did me. He has a definite gift, used eloquently within the pages of this publication.

I personally find it easier to relate to some Bible passages if the is a precursor in the form of a story or there is a narrative presenting a visual. In other words, a story picture.  Side Roads, Snares and Souls seems to have been blessed with all these helping the reader, no matter what their persuasion to obtain a clear understanding of the power of the Bible’s content.

I loved this collection and would readily recommend it, as well as gift the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.



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