Remember Them

Today, November 11, 2016, Remembrance Day, is a beautiful bright sunny day.  It is a day when the darkness of war can seem surreal. Yet it is very much a part of the lives of many.

Young lives are cut short by the horrors of wartime.

Now they are but a memory.

They are not forgotten by their loved ones.

They live on in their hearts and minds.

This short video is very emotional.  Leonard Cohen recites the poem “In Flanders Fields.” Watching the pictures from WW1 evokes strong feelings of sadness.  Lives lost.  Lives wasted.  Dreams gone.  Families torn apart.

On this eleventh day, on the eleventh hour, stop what you are doing and remember each man and woman who bravely, and willingly served for the sake of peace.

How futile war is, when so many innocent people die.

No matter the reasons or the cause, if you can look out your windows and see the sunshine; listen to the leaves rustle on the trees and on the ground, live in a country where freedom is enjoyed – REMEMBER THEM.  This is why they fought, and will continue to fight.  So every person on this earth can enjoy peace.