Quite a Storm


Yesterday, a vicious storm ripped through our neighbourhood.  The rain was torrential. The sky almost black.  The wind sounded as if a giant breathed and groaned as it passed by.

I have experienced being caught in tornado and I likened the power, and the noise to that.

We lost power.  Thank goodness for candles.  Talk was of a tornado, then a possible down blast.  I did see a black cloud speeding through the sky beyond the houses across from us. There was no rotation but it carried a rushing, moaning with it.  Then the wind hit, and the rain fell…..torrents of it.

Later, the sun managed to appear for a brief time and the leaves looked spectacular against the darkened sky. (see above)

We still had no power.  We warmed our supper on the barbecue.  Lit candles and waited for the resumption of hydro.

Thankfully, we sustained no damage to property or self and my hope is that neighbours and friends were granted the same.