Can You Write a Good Review?


Readers Favorites, located in Kentucky, U.S. will pay for good reviews on a variety of book genres.

Check their website.  Apply to be a reviewer.  Once accepted, you can choose from a wide variety of books, read them, then write a review.  It’s that easy.

Anyone can apply.  If, and when you are enrolled by Readers Favorites you can begin reading and reviewing

Full details at:

Good luck.

  • Patricia




2 thoughts on “Can You Write a Good Review?

    • I have never had a problem with the site. We have McAfee and Malware protection and don’t get any warnings.

      I do NOT, however, convert books on their site. I use my own conversion to pdf

      It’s entirely up to you, Michelle. tell you to go ahead in case you have a problem – like I say, I’ve never had any issues with their security.

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