A Warm Hug

Pat Day's contribution to the cancer unit 001 (1).JPG


My friend, Brenda, and I, contribute hand-knitted shawls to local agencies to comfort cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

We knit squares (well, that’s a loose term for the ones I donate), these are then crocheted, sewn or knitted together to make a warm wrap.  Undergoing chemo is a tough treatment to endure.  Nervousness and discomfort can make one feel cold and lonesome.  Our hope is that each of these garments brings a warm hug to each person given one.

I like to choose colours that I consider cheery.  But, sometimes, I choose each with a thought in mind.

Red and orange I consider bold ‘look at me’ signals.  I consider them strength.  Everyone who has undergone chemo needs that to persevere the discomfort.

Purples I choose for a more masculine portion of the wrap.  Pink, of course, for females.

Greens and purples are incorporated for the sheer guts it takes to tolerate this invasive method of treatment.

While yellow is a sunshine square for a person to hold on to.

White is hope: cure: successful treatments and health returned in full.

We put a lot of prayer and a ton of love into each of these gifts.  Our hope is to bring a little comfort into a dark place in somebody’s life.  A warm hug from people who care.