Nothing To It!

‘It was easy,’ she said.  ‘Nothing to it really.’

Humph!  Easier for some than for others, I was thinking.

My friend, Brenda, is a nifty creator.  She can turn any piece of fabric into a wonderful creation.

I had taken knitted squares to her.  That’s the limit of my creativity (at present).  She turns these insignificant pieces into afghans, or throws, for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.  They are really comfort shawls, because we each put a lot of love into each one.  Brenda, more than me.

So, I handed her my bag of knitting and prepared to leave.  ‘Wait’ she said.  ‘Try this,.  See what you think.’

She handed me a red poncho.  ‘It was so easy to make.  I just buy ‘throws’ and put them together.’  ‘You can have it, if you like it.’

‘Awesome!  DSC00118

It fitted beautifully and felt so cozy.  That is what I call a great exchange.  I had given her a few knitted pieces, and she added this lovely garment to my wardrobe.

Thank you, Brenda.  It might be easy for you, but I know I’d be all ‘fingers and thumbs, trying to create something like it.

Easy for you to say!  Easy for you to do too!  You’re so talented (and I am so glad I know you).

🙂 🙂