Remembrance Day

Today, thinking of all who gave their lives for our freedom. Thinking too, of every man and woman willingly spending their lives prepared to defend us in any way necessary.

Remembering my Uncle John who was a CPO in the Royal Navy. He was on minesweepers during the war. He couldn’t swim! One fateful day the ship on which he served was torpedoed. Remember he couldn’t swim. He sank beneath the waves twice and knew that if he didn’t do something different he wouldn’t come up a third time. He began to doggy-paddle: it was enough to keep him afloat until rescuers arrived.

Another Uncle (Richard) was one of the test pilots who tested the radar system being developed in England. Many flights were needed before it was finally approved for use. He was eventually shot down over Ethiopia. Some of his crew died in a fiery crash. He survived after being rescued by local people.

To them and to the many who defended us worldwide and to those who still choose to watch over us……