DoDo Camera

I love photography.  I have hundreds of beautiful pictures of skies, forests, gardens, etc.etc.

When storms pass over, I am to be seen busily taking pictures of the turbulent skies.

As fall advances, the colours cause me to be a constant shutterbug.  I can never have enough pictures of the tree colours.

The first heavy snowfall (I hate that S-word) will see me spring into action and record white-blanketed landscapes too.

Now consider my dilemma.  I dropped my digital camera yesterday.  It took on a life of its’ own and flew out of my hands. The lenses were extended.  The fall caused enough damage that they will not retract, nor can I take photographs.  Like the dodo, my camera-use is extinct.

I am dejected.  Gotta get a replacement as soon as I can find the right deal.

Meantime, I can still look and enjoy.

Have a great day.  Enjoy the beauty of this sunshiney day.



2 thoughts on “DoDo Camera

  1. I am sorry to hear of your tragedy. I’ve often wondered what life would be like if my kit was broken, lost, stolen. I hope you soon “find the right deal”.

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