I thought how well I was doing, as my day began.  I was spending lunchtime with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I wrote her card and wrapped the gift.  Doing gooooooooooooood…….

I had read Bible passages.  Investigated some passages and content referred to in my friend, Brenda Wood’s latest book – God, Gluttony and You – a biblical study on eating disorders (ISBN 978-1-895026-33-7), which I am reviewing: prepared blueberries to make a sauce: checked emails and FB too.

I had answered the telephone a number of times and enjoyed my coffee in between.  OH – I’m way ahead of the game, I smugly thought.  Then I walked back into the kitchen to discover the blueberries boiling – all over my stove top!  I am shamed to say that I cannot repeat what I said.  So, the cleanup began.

My husband called to ask me to make a bank transfer.  The time is ticking away and I still need to shower and dress for my lunch date.  NOW, I am NOT ahead of the game.  Time is ticking and I have kitchen duties to complete.

How about you?  Is your day progressing satisfactorily?

Mine?  Well, it will improve – once I get my attitude straightened out – showered – dressed – etc……etc……..

No matter what, enjoy this beautiful sunny, warm, dry day.

God’s blessings to you and yours,