Oh, To Dream

Do you ever imagine yourself somewhere else, being and doing more than you are right now?  I do.  Not because I am discontent.  Just because – I can.

Music can easily set my feet tapping.  Many times, I’ve dreamed of myself on stage performing magnificent dances, keeping perfect time to my favorite music.

Other times a melody will capture my spirit in such a way that song springs forth from my lips, and I become a DIVA.  The song, I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Miserables, does that each time I hear it.  It invades my every thinking moment.  I find it springing from my lips, or find myself humming it, on and on, and on.  It holds me captive for days.

What a wonderful feeling it must be, when you capture the attention of an audience, and spellbind them with a beautiful performance; then hear the whistles and applause as the curtain descends.


We can be encouraged to become whatever we want to be.  To dream big, and then even bigger.

What, or who, would you be if you could be somebody different?