Spring has Sprung!


Spring has sprung.  The grass is riz.  I wonder where the birdies is?  They say the birdie’s on the wing; but that’s absurd, the wing is on the bird! (Anonymous – but this has been attributed to poet, Ogden Nash).

Well, I can now say that they are making their presence known.  Just this week, I was scolded by robins, as I tended to a chore outside.  I must have disturbed their foraging.  So nice to hear them again.  The grackles, starlings, red-winged blackbirds too, have been winging their way across the skies.  Welcome back. So good to have you back with us.

It is still cold.  I can tell, without stepping outside.  I look at the water in the birdbath……………yup, it is still frozen.  But that will change.  The birds will no longer skate across it as they attempt to drink.  Instead, they will be able to quench their thirst and bathe, and I, for one, wait patiently for those warmer days.

The winter of 2014-2015, has been brutally cold.  Frigid temperatures that caused your nose hairs to stand to attention, as they were assaulted by the intemperate sub-zero air.

I am loving watching everything in the garden come alive again.  Albeit slowly.  That’s okay, because I know that it won’t be too long before we can all enjoy the outdoors again, without the boots, winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves.  YAY!  Spring is here.