Slipping Away

IMG_6068At last, winter is losing its icy grip.  The snow is gradually slipping away, and green grass can be seen.

As it has been months since my last sighting, it is a relief to see more than white covering the ground.

A friend said she had seen a robin last week.  I haven’t seen, nor heard, one yet.  Despite this, I am relieved that the brutally cold, snowy winter is slipping away, and we can now look forward to warmer temperatures.  They don’t have to be high – just above freezing.

Along with the snow, SAD will also slip away, as the sun rises higher in the sky and warms the air.

It’s a wonderful time of year.

The best time of the year.

Enjoy every moment, and don’t forget to breathe deeply, and drink in the – soon to be – springtime air.