Frozen Landscape


Our best intentions to go to church this morning were shattered.  Freezing rain clothed the entire outdoors with ice.  Driving would be difficult, if not impossible.  So, Lord please forgive our tardiness: we’ve decided to stay close to home today.

Christmas decorations were taken down instead and packed away for another year.  It seems only a day or so ago that we put them up.

I love seeing the Christmas tree lit and decorated, but now that it has been disassembled, I admit, that I also love the cleared area in the living room.

We enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations with our family and were blessed with gifts that we expected, and some that surprised us. Nothing thankfully, took away the warmth and love we were able to share. No bad weather.  No snow or rain, just green all around.  Not so today.  The landscape is frozen.  Cold and devoid of color.  Hopefully, not for long.  The weather forecast predicts clearing trends, but extremely cold for the next little while.


Thank you to our children and grandchildren for your love and company.  Love U 2.