All in Clover



I am ‘all in clover’.  An old English adage meaning to be thoroughly content.

The word clover has to be taken relatively.  To say you are ‘in clover’ is to say that you are content with your lot.

Looking out of my sun-room windows this morning, I saw a tiny rabbit – not much more than five inches in length – happily munching on a patch of clover.  ‘Aah’ I thought, ‘how sweet.  Aren’t you in clover’?.

We have a healthy population of rabbits around here.  I am not always enamored by their presence as they treat my flower beds like the best local smorgasbord, but this little creature captured my heart.IMG_4586

Gotta get a picture was my first thought, so I grabbed my camera and quietly made my way outdoors.  The rabbit was quite unperturbed by my presence.  I managed to get within a couple of feet of it.  The clover meal was obviously a better distraction than escaping from me.  Albeit, we have met before.  It visits me when I am sitting out on the patio: even then it is not too afraid, so I suppose it knows I am not a threat.  IMG_4588

I got the pictures, as you can see, and left my little friend happily chomping.  It was definitely ‘all in clover.’

How about you?  I do hope that today you can say that too.