Three Cheers



Three cheers for all the hydro workers who gave up Christmas with loved ones, in order to restore power to thousands without heat, light and power.  It cannot have been pleasant working in the frigid temperatures, and with such dangerous work.

A minority have complained of the time taken to bring back light and heat.  Thankfully, the majority have whole-heartedly approved of the way this colossal situation was handled.

While a few households are still waiting for power to be restored, just a very few remain out of the over three hundred thousand initially affected.  I think each worker deserves a medal – better yet, a bonus?

Meantime, let’s continue to think of, care about and pray for those still waiting for vital utility services to be repaired.

Thankfully, we have not been inconvenienced, although our son and his wife did lose power and heat and trees, it was less than two days for them.

Mayor Ford has redeemed himself in the way he has  directed and controlled the work in Toronto.  Good for you.

Good for any and everyone who has reached out to help – no matter how small the effort.  In the greater scheme of things all help accumulates to be part of a greater cause.

Stay safe all you workers, householders, drivers – all who live in the frigid North.     Patricia