The Darkness Gone


Watching a sunrise recently, I noticed how the dark clouds of night were gradually replaced with daylight.  It was as if the darkness was a black veil that an unseen hand was drawing aside, exposing the clear sky and the rising sun behind it.

I couldn’t help but make a comparison between the good or evil inside each human.  Like it or not we are all capable of sin (darkness).  We are also able to choose to be people worthy of friendship (light).

Whether you have a religious persuasion or not, how you behave makes the world of difference to those around you.  You can gather or repel people by your behavior.  I would much rather be viewed as someone people want to be around – than be somebody that people repel.

Just as the dark clouds of night withdraw to expose a glorious blue and sunny sky, we can put aside unkind actions, words and behavior, and be someone who is a pleasure to know.  A person worthy of trust and friendship.

Not sure if that makes sense, but I certainly hope you have good people around you, and not folk who manipulate or control.

Have a sunny, bright day.