Cooking Up a Storm

On bright sunny days, I want to be outside.  I figure there is always time to catch up on housework.

Storms have been forecast this week.  They did not arrive yesterday – when predicted  – but, today started out grey and overcast.  Oh the sun peeked out for a short time, but quickly retreated.

Days that start like this are my times to catch up on inside tasks or cook.  Today, I chose to cook and ended by cooking up a storm (meaning I spent hours preparing and cooking more than I anticipated doing).

I wanted to make potato soup, and did, but I also made quiche and then apple crisp.  All the ingredients were either in my refrigerator or store cupboard and for days, my plan was to get creative in the kitchen.  The nice weather put a halt to that.

So, this morning after hours of work, I was delighted to have all three dishes ready to enjoy.  Can’t wait to dig in.

All the recipes are very easy, as well as, extremely tasty.

Want them for yourself?  Go to my blog:  I have the recipes for you there.  Enjoy.