Almost There


The upgrading and repair work we have been doing around our home FOREVER, is almost done.

The patio was completed a few weeks ago.  Yesterday turf was laid in the bigger areas and seeding in the smaller patches.

My concern, after all that hard work, was keeping it moist.

I need not have worried for, as we were tidying tools away rain began to fall – and fall – and continued to fall, through the evening, overnight and today? – well, it is still falling.

So, thank you Lord, I think we’ve had enough water for now.  I am thankful I no longer have the task of watering the lawns.  My only concern now is that the grass seeds might be washed away!  lol

Nevertheless, we are delighted the project is (almost) complete.  We now look out onto green lawns and not onto a construction site.

Thanks to Jim’s hard work, and to family assistance, this project can now be scratched off the ‘Things to Do’ list.  AMEN!

p.s.  Once the rain stops, I’ll get pictures…………………………………………………….


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