Refreshing Rain


Today, the sky is overcast and rain is lightly falling.  It is refreshing for the garden, after the hot dry spell.

I used to love to walk in the rain.  The air smells so good and quiet reigns; as most people prefer to stay indoors when rain falls.  Now, I am content to look out the window, watching as the water washes the colors to their original brilliance.  With the dust removed plants, trees and grass alike, can get on with the business of growing and changing.

Today, I also, read of a different growth.  One of spiritual growing through the Word of God.  I always believed that I had to physically travel to share Jesus.  If I was not doing that I felt I was being truly diligent.  However, writing to share it is equally beneficial.  It can still impact anyone needing spiritual support.

Alec Niemi, in today’s devotional from PCC Daily Devotional, explains that whatever method we use to issue our messages, the important verb is “sent”.   Now, instead of using our feet, we use our fingers. When I write an e-mail, it is in vain unless I hit “Send”. Texting, Skyping, or blogging also requires a final step: “Enter”.

The good news is news that has to be shared.  We are the “feet”, whether it’s delivered in person or by some other means. Our responsibility is to take it out there! (

In my small way, I am not only sharing my daily thoughts through my blog, I hope I am also sharing messages of hope to a thirsty soul.

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