It seems that over the last few weeks, my husband and I, have had our share of challenges.

Car brakes needed replacing – front and rear.
Work hours reduced.
A broken tooth (mine) had to be rebuilt.
A telephone bill came in at double the amount expected – due to the company’s error – these plus many more, but I won’t bore you with them.

But I will, however, add one recent trial – we have critters in our crawl space. We’re not sure what we only know that something is tearing and scratching and gnawing.

My husband tried to establish the identity yesterday but saw nothing. We knew, however, it or they were there, because we’d heard them. There is quite a bit of damage done to board and insulation and goodness knows, what else, that we can’t see.

So, in addition to the patio and front deck and interior work that we deal with occasionally, we now have to attempt to evict our new guest. Sigh!

One more mountain to climb – and we’re okay with that – it keeps our gray cells active and our bodies too – except I don’t think our bodies always understand that is expected.

The one thought that overrides all these irritations is that we are at least blessed with living in a safe environment. We have a home, when many do not. And so, I’ll quit my meandering and just be thankful that our challenges can be overcome, with a little sacrifice and effort. Many people in this troubled world are not as fortunate.

Have a great day and be thankful for all that you have.
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