Overcoming Obstacles

After the Storm0010

The title says it all. I AM overcoming obstacles. Perhaps, I should say I am ‘Climbing My Mountains’.

My book has been sent for conversion to an e-book and this created another list of things to do.

I needed to set up an Amazon seller account for international as well as, Canadian sales.

Followed up to ensure the copyright agency is processing my application.

Worked on a cover for my book, for when I get it printed.

Paid cursory attention to emails unless they were business related.

On and on – the hours have ticked away and my eyes are weary from the work. However, I have made major strides in the right direction this week – – forward. I have been setting the stage for future writing, as well as, creating a blog that will become my platform for all writing endeavors and updates.

I appreciate the support I am receiving from you all. You know who I mean. Thank you – thank you, thank you.